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Rock Band

  1. video games
    Green Day: Rock Band to Come AroundGet out the eyeliner.
  2. video games
    The Who: Rock Band Probably on the WayMore classic rock, in video-game form.
  3. mysteries
    Final Beatles: Rock Band Song a SurpriseSo far, the names of only 44 of the 45 songs featured in next week’s The Beatles: Rock Band have been announced.
  4. videogames
    The Beatles: Rock Band Gets Trailer, Partial Track ListingThe game arrives on 09/09/09.
  5. the industry
    Will Smith Does SyfyPlus: Anvil is totally going to be famous soon.
  6. blunders
    Chinese Democracy Gets the Rock Band TreatmentAbout five months too late.
  7. guitar hero
    Guitar Hero’s Tragic FallWow, that was fast.
  8. awesome
    At Long Last, a Beatles Video Game!MTV Games just announced that the Beatles catalogue has been licensed for use in a brand-new Rock Band–like video game.
  9. newsfeed
    Today in Gaming: AC/DC Rock Band, Zack Snyder, and New Nintendo DSWal-Mart will be the exclusive retailer of the AC/DC edition of Rock Band and EA signs a new deal.
  10. the early-evening news
    Michael Scott to Get Second Chance With Charming HR RepPlus: Nike finally makes the shoes from ‘Back to the Future 2’ — and completely disappoints in every imaginable way.
  11. apropos of nothing
    New York ‘Times’ Editorial Board Weighs In on Rumored Beatles Video GamePossible proof that all the world’s newsmakers are on vacation this week.
  12. beef
    Gibson Guitars vs. Guitar HeroCan you patent the concept of air guitar?