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  1. times like these
    Taylor Hawkins Allegedly Told Dave Grohl He ‘Couldn’t F-cking Do It Anymore’Two of Hawkins’s friends are now apologizing for their comments.
  2. respect the classics
    Two Rock Hall of Fame Voters Get Candid About Their Ballots“I’m constantly mystified by the mediocre level of the selections that come out.”
  3. respect the classics
    Peter Gabriel Attended Genesis’ Final Show, That’s All“After tonight, we’ve all got to get real jobs.”
  4. superlatives
    The Greatest and Earwormiest of Franz Ferdinand, According to Alex Kapranos“I think, ‘F-ck. These lyrics are dark, but it sounds so optimistic.’”
  5. my single is dropping
    Sharon Van Etten’s ‘Porta’ Is a Physical and Emotional WorkoutWith a music video featuring an actual Pilates class.
  6. respect the classics
    Bono Reviews U2: ‘I’m Just So Embarrassed’Poor fella.
  7. sultans of snub
    Mark Knopfler’s Rock Hall Feud Is Apparently PoliticalA breaking development, three years later.
  8. in conversation
    Dave Grohl Has Seen Too MuchHe’s the most prolific rock star of the last 30 years. Somehow, we’re still getting to know him.
  9. obits
    Dusty Hill, ZZ Top’s Heady Bassist, Dead at 72Also the band’s co-vocalist, he died in his sleep.
  10. the inside track
    Illuminati Hotties Challenge Everything on ‘free dumb’Off their mixtape and final kiss-off to ex-label Tiny Engines, Free I.H: This Is Not the One You’ve Been Waiting For.