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Rocked And Rolled

  1. rocked and rolled
    Mr. RomanticDuran Duran front man Simon Le Bon on a life of great videos, great gigs, and, yes, great hair.
  2. rocked and rolled
    Kenney Jones Reflects on the ‘Fondness and Sadness’ of His Who Era“As I’m concerned there’s only one drummer for the Who, and that’s Keith Moon.”
  3. rocked and rolled
    How ‘Your Wildest Dreams’ Finally Gave the Moody Blues the ‘Ecstasy of Success’“It did set me on a particular kind of personal journey, which I would advise anybody else against doing.”
  4. rocked and rolled
    Kate Pierson Likes to Think ‘Shiny Happy People’ Was an ‘Homage to the B-52’s’“It’s not mindless at all. It’s a song about spreading love, which we could really use right now.”
  5. rocked and rolled
    Ann Wilson Still Believes Her ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Cover Is ‘Close to Orgasmic’In lieu of the 2020 Kennedy Center Honors, let us gather to honor Heart’s instant-classic Led Zeppelin cover from the 2012 ceremony.
  6. rocked and rolled
    The Story Behind the Who’s Iconic ‘A Quick One’ Performance, Now Available in HD“They were very aware,” director Michael Lindsay-Hogg told us, “of what they had just done.”