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Rodney Ascher

  1. movie review
    A Glitch in the Matrix Is a Riveting Look at Whether Our World Is a SimulationBut it’s really about just how utterly weird life is.
  2. never sleep again
    The Nightmare Trailer Is TerrifyingIt’s a documentary about sleep paralysis.
  3. sundance 2015
    Sundance: Room 237 Director on His New Doc“Well, I guess we’re making a horror movie, and we’re just going to go for it.”
  4. movie review
    Edelstein: Room 237 Is a Cine-Nerd’s Vindication and HumiliationThis documentary looks at some theories (You decide whether they’re crazy or not) about Kubrick’s The Shining.
  5. chat room
    Room 237 Director Rodney Ascher on The Shining“I was going to spend a year and a half analyzing the carpet patterns and looking at every shot a hundred times.”