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Roger Corman

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    30 Great Black-and-White Horror Movies Worth RevisitingClassic films, cult favorites, and a couple newer titles.
  2. vulture lists
    The History of Horror-Comedy in 11 Crucial FilmsWhat a delightfully gruesome hybrid.
  3. chat room
    Roger Corman on Sharktopus and Easy Rider Regret“There’s no law that says every scene in a trailer has to be in the picture.”
  4. clickables
    Watch an Entire Beach Community Get Eaten in the Dinoshark TrailerWatch out, para-sailors.
  5. the industry
    Snakes on a Plane Director Fighting to Call His Next Film Untitled 3D Shark ThrillerWhat does Roger Corman think of all this?
  6. movies
    Sharktopus Trailer: Not a Shark, Not Yet an OctopusA totally sensical masterpiece from Roger Corman and the SyFy Network.
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    Zach Galifianakis Has That MTV Movie Award in the BagPlus: Justin Bieber’s appeal a mystery to Justin Bieber.
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    See a Funny Clip From Roger Corman’s DinosharkWaaait for it …
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    Robert Pattinson Really Hates VaginasPlus: Prepare yourself for ‘SHARKTOPUS’!
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    Lauren Bacall Presented With Early OscarFour academy members win early lifetime achievement awards.