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  1. september 11
    Revisiting Zoolander’s Weird History With 9/11The film was part of three separate 9/11 controversies.
  2. dance party!!!
    Watch Tilda Swinton Honor Roger Ebert With a Barry White Dance-Along“No observers allowed. Participants only.”
  3. critics
    Roger Ebert Reviewed More Films This Year Than EverMore than 300. And Argo’s his favorite.
  4. health
    Roger Ebert Facing Continuing Health Problems“Not in best of shape,” he writes.
  5. injuries
    Roger Ebert Hospitalized for Hip FractureHis wife says he was busting out “tricky disco dance moves.”
  6. Siskel and Ebert: Film Criticism’s Most Underrated Comedy DuoIn 1993, Al Jean and Mike Reiss left their position as showrunners of The Simpsons.  Over four seasons, they helped transform the cartoon from […]
  7. patty-cake
    Siskel and Ebert Played Patty-Cake Before Every At the Movies Taping“They performed it with complicated hand/knee slaps and everything.”
  8. tv
    At the Movies on HiatusIt’s not a lack of viewers, it’s a lack of funding.
  9. roger ebert
    Roger Ebert Can’t Afford to Finance At the Movies AnymoreGet on Kickstarter, Roger!
  10. wordplay
    The New Yorker Has Rejected All of Zach Galifianakis’s Cartoon CaptionsHe hasn’t been able to crack their esoteric formula.
  11. clickables
    Read the First Pages of Roger Ebert’s Memoir, Life Itself“I was born inside the movie of my life.”
  12. vulture bytes
    Vulture Bytes: The Ebert App and an iPad Trapper KeeperPlus: an app that transforms your iPod library and speakers that transform a gas can.
  13. clickables
    Watch Taiwan’s NMA.tv Take on Roger Ebert vs. Bam MargeraWe’re speechless.
  14. controversy
    Roger Ebert Now Says He Was ‘Probably Too Quick to Tweet’ About Ryan Dunn’s Death“That was unseemly.”
  15. beef
    Roger Ebert Attacks Ryan Dunn for Drunk Driving, and Bam Margera Fires BackThis is unnecessary.
  16. clickables
    Read Roger Ebert’s Winning New Yorker Cartoon CaptionHe finally won!
  17. clickables
    Vote for Roger Ebert in The New Yorker’s Cartoon Caption ContestIt’s actually the funniest of the batch.
  18. clickables
    Watch Roger Ebert’s TED Talk About Losing His VoiceWith assistance from his wife, Chaz.
  19. sxsw
    Logan Hill, SXSW Film Juror, Explains Why You Need to Watch for Natural SelectionThe ambitious sperm-donor/odd-couple comedy tries many things, and succeeds at all of them. And we have a clip.
  20. tv
    Roger Ebert Will Wear a Prosthetic Chin on His New ShowLooks good!
  21. books
    Ebert on Huck Finn: ‘I Should Have Shut Up’He says he was wrong to post a tweet containing racially provocative language.
  22. censorship
    Roger Ebert Has Strong Feelings on Huck Finn ControversyVery strong, uncensored feelings.
  23. roger ebert
    Ebert Names Co-Hosts for At the MoviesAnd one is a 24-year-old.
  24. roger ebert
    Roger Ebert Says Elvis Mitchell Was Not Dropped From At the Movies“One source who had seen the pilot shot earlier this year with Lemire and Mitchell said it showed little on-air chemistry between the two.”
  25. clickables
    Read Roger Ebert’s Total Burn on a Foreign Hilary Duff DVD“The Perfect Man takes its idiotic plot and uses it as the excuse for scenes of awesome stupidity,” says Ebert.
  26. beef
    Secretariat Smackdown: Ebert vs. O’HehirIs ‘Secretariat’ a “work of creepy, half-hilarious master-race propaganda almost worthy of Leni Riefenstahl”?
  27. movies
    Casey Affleck to Roger Ebert: I’m Still Here Had No Point“There are ideas in the film that are interesting to me. I don’t have a point to make, though.”
  28. pickup lines
    Roger Ebert Resurrects At the MoviesNow known as ‘Roger Ebert Presents at the Movies.’
  29. quote machine
    Emily Mortimer to Steer Clear of Shite From Now OnPlus: Mickey Rourke on Genghis Khan, dog lover.
  30. movies
    Read Ten of the Most Disturbing Quotes From Roger Ebert’s Sex Pistols Screenplay“Come on, mum. Give us a kiss.”
  31. movies
    Read Roger Ebert’s 1977 Sex Pistols Screenplay’Who Killed Bambi?’ was started but never finished.
  32. quote machine
    Jay-Z and Pete Wentz Are Mated for LifePlus: ‘G.I. Jane’ reconsidered.
  33. Ebert Still Working On That TV ShowWorking title: ‘Roger Ebert Presents At the Movies.’
  34. endings
    At the Movies Cancelled After 24-Year RunEbert blames Ben Lyons for show’s demise.
  35. roger ebert
    Roger Ebert Speaks!If you’re in the mood for choking up, watch this.
  36. roger ebert
    Ebert Weighs InEbert weighs in on his ‘Esquire’ profile.
  37. critics
    Roger Ebert in His PrimeA bittersweet profile of our best movie critic.
  38. quote machine
    Kristen Bell: Josh Duhamel’s Idiocy Not Too ProblematicPlus: It’s not like back in Harrison Ford’s day.
  39. movies
    Roger Ebert Names Ten Best Films of 2009Actually, he names twenty.
  40. ranters and ravers
    Roger Ebert Retracts Defense of ‘Troll’ Armond WhiteLast night, on his blog, Ebert posted a thoughtful defense of White. This morning he took it back.
  41. skeptics
    Roger Ebert, Not Exactly a Fan of 3-D“The effect of 3D adds nothing to the viewing experience.”
  42. pixar
    Up Set to Break the TomatometerIt’s already earned spotless raves from both trades, Roger Ebert, and Richard Corliss.
  43. pans
    Not Everyone Hearts Star TrekRoger Ebert and Armond White take the film to task.
  44. booze
    Roger Ebert, LushWe guarantee this will be one of the best anecdotes you’ve read in the past hour.
  45. wangs
    Roger Ebert Weighs in on Dr. Manhattan’s “You-Know-What”How many men could resist the opportunity to do a little tweaking?
  46. reboots
    Ebert, Roeper, and Thumb-Based Film Criticism Returning to TV?“Another chapter to this saga will begin when Richard and I shortly announce a new movie review program.”
  47. zingers
    Roger Ebert Reviews Friday the 13thAnd he wonders why Jason Voorhees has never been able to secure a book deal.
  48. roger ebert
    Roger Ebert Remembers Gene Siskel’s Best Snaps’Phone for you, Rog. Your shoes are calling.’
  49. quote machine
    New Mark Wahlberg Movie Sounds BoringPlus: Jack Nicholson is still creepy!
  50. wha?
    Roger Ebert Retracts Negative Review of EvolutionYes, we know — noted satirist Roger Ebert posted that creationism Q&A on his Website as a joke.
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