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Roger Friedman

  1. kudos
    Mariah Carey’s Biggest Fan Isn’t Giving Up on Her Oscar Chances Just YetMeanwhile, we hope that she shows up at the People’s Choice Awards tonight in the same form that she was in at the Palm Springs Film Festival last night.
  2. precious
    Mo’Nique Uncooperative, Reports Mariah Carey FanRoger Friedman reports that Mo’Nique has pulled out of Saturday’s New York Film Festival premiere of her movie at the last minute, causing her publicist to quit.
  3. piracy
    Roger Friedman’s Fox Lawsuit Fails to Live Up to Prerelease HypeIt barely mentions Scientology.
  4. battlefield earth
    Did Scientologists Get Roger Friedman Fired?Yes, according to Roger Friedman!
  5. piracy
    Hollywood Reporter Hires PirateYarrrr! Roger Friedman got a new job.
  6. comebacks
    Roger Friedman Lives to Blog AgainAye aye, skipper!
  7. piracy
    Roger Friedman Officially Canned for Wolverine ReviewSays Fox News: “Fox News representatives and Roger Friedman met today and mutually agreed to part ways immediately.”
  8. piracy
    Roger Friedman in Trouble for Reviewing Wolverine, ‘Promoting Piracy’Things that will get you fired from the company that made ‘Wolverine’: downloading and reviewing a leaked copy of Fox’s ‘Wolverine.’
  9. raves
    Roger Friedman Loves Wolverine!“It’s miles easier to understand than ‘The Dark Knight’, and tremendously more emotional!”
  10. hints and allegations
    Consensus Begins to Build Around Paris Hilton Being the Chris Brown TexterAfter all, Roger Friedman is quite possibly omniscient.