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  1. the summer of cardi b
    Rolling Stone Reveals an Extremely Good Cardi B July CoverMother and child and Offset.
  2. acquisitions
    Rolling Stone Has a New Owner After Penske Media Invests $100 Million ValuationPMC adds Rolling Stone to a list of titles that includes Deadline, Variety, and IndieWire.
  3. How Jann Wenner Built His Boomer EmpireWenner said he started Rolling Stone to meet John Lennon; just as much, he wanted to be Lennon. He came as close as any magazine editor could.
  4. book excerpt
    The Long, Bizarre Relationship Between Jann Wenner and Mick JaggerMaybe he should have thought twice before naming his magazine Rolling Stone.
  5. biographies
    Rolling Stone Founder Jann Wenner Is Reportedly Unhappy With His New BiographyThe book is said to detail much of his sexual history while running Rolling Stone.
  6. the end of an era
    After 50 Years, Rolling Stone Will Go Up for SaleRS founder Jann Wenner makes plans to sell his controlling stake in the magazine.
  7. Pictures of a Generation: Looking at 50 Years of Rolling StoneA new book recaps five decades as seen in the magazine of the baby boom.
  8. paris jackson
    Paris Jackson Says She Believes Her Father Michael Jackson Was Murdered“All arrows point to that.”
  9. prince
    Prince, World’s Most Compassionate Human, Wanted to Mentor Chris BrownWhat we learned from Rolling Stone’s posthumous Prince profile.
  10. Beyoncé Rejected Chris Martin’s ‘Awful’ SongWhen you try your best but you don’t succeed.
  11. clickables
    Witness Jon Hamm’s Rolling Stone CoverMad Men x modern man.
  12. covers
    Why Is Tina Fey Lois Lane?To Alec Baldwin’s Superman. What the what?
  13. quotables
    Mick Jagger Sees Himself in One DirectionHarry, specifically.
  14. reruns
    Do You Recognize the Tagline on Justin Bieber’s Rolling Stone Cover?“Hot! Ready! Legal!”
  15. music
    Mick Jagger Albums Continue Inexorable Decline in Quality’Rolling Stone’ only gave his new album 4 stars.
  16. the sheepdogs
    Rolling Stone Put a Band You’ve Never Heard Of on Its CoverCongrats, the Sheepdogs.
  17. clickables
    See Ricky Gervais’s Rejected Rolling Stone Cover Photo“They definitely would have gone with the alternative, but since I didn’t give them one they went with Rihanna.”
  18. clickables
    See Snooki Straddling a ‘Space Rocket’ on the Rolling Stone CoverIt looks like a bomb, though.
  19. money
    The Rolling Stone Restaurant Is Opening Soon“Capturing the edgy-yet-elegant spirit of one of the world’s most iconic music magazines, we now invite you to a new Rolling Stone experience.”
  20. Conan Takes to the Cover of Rolling StoneConan is on the cover of next month’s Rolling Stone, riding high and hanging from a ladder under a helicopter. The full article’s not online […]
  21. satisfaction
    Keith Richards Says Mick Jagger Has a ‘Tiny Todger’And that’s one of the nicer things he says in his autobiography!
  22. mad men
    Don and Betty Reunite for Rolling StoneJon Hamm, January Jones, Christina Hendricks, and Elisabeth Moss squeezed themselves into the backseat of a car for a new cover.
  23. kanye
    Kanye Talks New Album, Credenzas at Rolling Stone OfficesCredenzas are exciting, says Kanye.
  24. lady gaga
    Gaga Flaunts Machine Gun Bra, Exposed Behind On Rolling Stone CoverWhat ballgame controversy?
  25. hova
    Jay-Z’s Not a Record Executive Anymore Because Def Jam Didn’t Want to Pay for His Headphones“You had record executives who’ve been sitting in their office for 20 years because of one act. ‘But that’s the guy who signed Motley Crue.’ Seriously? That was fucking 25 years ago.”
  26. the industry
    Harvey Keitel to Curse at Small ChildrenPlus: Jason Priestley! Zachary Quinto! Ray Bradbury!
  27. ranters and ravers
    Abbey Road ReconsideredThe two guys who reviewed the Beatles’ final album for ‘Rolling Stone’ have both changed their minds.
  28. unsolved mysteries
    Why Are All the Music Magazines Dying?Your guess is as good as ours! But that said, we have some theories. Of course we do!
  29. adam lambert
    Adam Lambert’s Coming Out ‘Cooler’ Than Clay Aiken’s“I don’t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I’m gay,” he tells ‘Rolling Stone.’
  30. journalism
    Rolling Stone Gets World’s Biggest ScoopThe magazine’s next issue will finally solve the mystery of Adam Lambert’s sexuality.
  31. ranters and ravers
    What’s Wrong With Bob Dylan’s New Album? The Last Song, ProbablyUnlike David Fricke, we’d have only docked him half a star for it.
  32. beef
    Ethan Hawke’s Rolling Stone Article Has Toby Keith Ready to RumbleThem’s fightin’ words!
  33. meaningless stats
    David Fricke Begins Penning Rolling Stone’s Next Five-star ReviewNo, it’s not a follow-up to “Goddess in the Doorway.”
  34. classic rock
    Bob Dylan Outtakes Compilation Is Year’s Second-Best Album, Claims Rolling StoneIt isn’t hard to figure out which record albums in ‘Rolling Stone”s year-end Top 50 were Jann Wenner’s picks, but we’ll point them out anyway.
  35. ranters and ravers
    First Review Confirms That ‘The Dark Knight’ Will Be Awesome, ProbablyPeter Travers says it’s great, pretty much confirming our long-held suspicion that it might be great.
  36. ‘Gossip Girl’ Gives Us the High of Our So-Called LivesLet’s face it, this episode rocked. Our recap is within.
  37. the early-evening news
    Ironic Moviegoers Come Out in ForcePlus: The Pirate Bay gets charged!
  38. tube junkie
    Honestly, ‘Rolling Stone,’ Is This the Second-Best Song of 2007?We like Randy Newman and everything, but come on!
  39. apropos of nothing
    Mick Jagger’s Solo Albums Getting Worse, Says ‘Rolling Stone’And we prove it with Microsoft Excel!
  40. beef
    When Rap Magazine Editors Go WildBeefing rappers Kanye West and 50 Cent will share an upcoming cover of Rolling Stone — everybody wins! Well, almost everybody.
  41. quote machine
    Chuck Palahniuk Thinks Predictably Morbid Thoughts
  42. ranters and ravers
    Arctic Monkeys: Still Cool?