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  1. romance
    Winona Ryder Says She’s Been Married to Keanu Reeves for 25 YearsWhat happens in Romania doesn’t actually stay in Romania.
  2. movies
    Why Has the Romance Gone Out of Summer Movies?Some of the biggest romantic classics came out in the summer, but this year hasn’t given us much.
  3. friendship
    Amy Schumer Had Some Harsh Words for Jennifer Lawrence After Her BreakupThat’s one interesting condolence note.
  4. The 10 Best Romance Books of 2017Dukes! Small towns! Meet-cutes!
  5. snl
    If You Want to Date a Celebrity, Just Get a Job at SNLDave McCary, rumored new boyfriend of Emma Stone, is the third SNL staff member to be romantically linked to an A-lister recently.
  6. 30 Hollywood Classics Streaming for Free in the Public DomainThe best old-school musicals, romances, noirs, and comedies you can watch right now.
  7. romance
    Nick Viall Gets Another Shot at Love, Will Be Your Next BachelorSeason 21 of The Bachelor will air in December on ABC.
  8. Let Me Make You a Sound Bath, Babe, by Nihar Patel Welcome home! You look tired. Long day? Yeah, your boss is a nightmare. Uh-huh. Wait, before you get all worked up, you need to relax. […]
  9. romance
    Dermot Mulroney Returning to New GirlWill he still smell like Shakespeare, if Shakespeare was a damn cowboy?
  10. romance
    Bieber, Selena, Taylor, & Harry All Went SkiingNo, really.
  11. strange bedfellows
    Homeland vs. Scandal: Battle of the Political SoapsWho has a better extramarital affair with serious political fallout?
  12. romance
    Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Went Out in Public TogetherTo the Central Park Zoo.
  13. romance
    Nicholas Sparks Is Working on Three New TV ShowsWe’re sobbing already!
  14. shippers
    Admit It — You Want Homeland’s Carrie and Brody to Get TogetherCome on, you two. Kiss!
  15. romance
    Why Can’t Sherlock and Watson Get Together?Don’t fight it, Elementary.
  16. romance
    How Nick Offerman Welcomed Lucy Lawless to Parks“You’re a nice size.”
  17. romance
    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Got Married at a House From The NotebookBecause if she’s a bird, he’s a bird.
  18. break-ups
    Katy Perry, John Mayer No Longer Doing That Thing They Were DoingTheir on-the-nose coupling is no more.
  19. romance
    Kanye Is Writing Love Songs for Kim Now“I wrote the song Perfect Bitch about Kim.”
  20. shippers
    Even Jeanne Tripplehorn Wants Nick and Jess Together on New GirlJoin the club, Jeanne.
  21. romance
    Robin Thicke Is Really Into Talking About His and Paula Patton’s Sex Life And also race.
  22. romance
    Nicki Minaj Has Got Your Valentine’s Day Soundtrack CoveredRomance!
  23. romance
    Justin Bieber Gets Date Ideas From Adam Sandler MoviesHe rented out the Staples Center to watch ‘Titanic.’
  24. romance
    Kristen Schaal Just Realized That She Went On a Date With Andrew Garfield“He’s cute, I’m sorry it didn’t work out.”