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Romola Garai

  1. tv review
    TV Review: Season Two of BBC’s The HourThe second season of the excellent drama gives you more of the same, but different.
  2. chat room
    Romola Garai on The Hour, Domineering Women, and Pretend Journalism“We all just love walking around an office and pretending to pick up phones and slam down paperwork.”
  3. trailer mix
    The Hour Trailer: Dominic West and a Fifties British Journalism Love Triangle“Just because you’re one of them, don’t act like them.”
  4. kudos
    The Oscars: Who Got Snubbed?Who’s scurrying to fire their publicists right now?
  5. the industry
    Quentin Tarantino Plans His ‘Citizen Kane’Plus: Jennifer Hudson, Kathy Bates join Tyler Perry’s next.