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Ron Perelman

  1. the industry
    Hellboy Is Conan the Barbarian’s DadRon Perlman takes over for Mickey Rourke as the Barbarian’s dad.
  2. the industry
    Amy Adams to Bring Zach Galifianakis Out of His ShellPlus: Adam Sandler plays both Jack and Jill!
  3. the industry
    Hugh Grant Bumbles His Way Out of a Movie RolePlus: Nick Fury to have a bigger part in ‘Iron Man 2’?
  4. quote machine
    My Morning Jacket’s Jim James Explains His Kermit-Like Singing VoicePlus: Ron Perlman to make ‘Hellboy 3’ from inside iron lung.
  5. chat room
    Ron Perlman on Hellboy, Nicaraguan Cigars, and His Next-Door Neighbor Selma Blair’[Selma Blair’s] so frickin’ quiet and keeps her curtains so frickin’ drawn! I wish I had juicy stories not only to impart to you but to keep me going on those cold, lonely nights.’