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  1. The 25 Greatest Vulture Slideshows of 2011Nick Offerman rates the cats who look like Ron Swanson! We rate Drake’s many sweaters! All this, a grading of best movie performance by a toilet, and more!
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    See a Poster for a Jack Donaghy vs. Ron Swanson Boxing MatchA real heavyweight bout.
  3. Buy A Mustache Comb Carved At The Hands Of Ron SwansonRon Swanson portrayer and general man of the mountain Nick Offerman has his own woodshop. And they made a limited run of mustache combs. Just a […]
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    See the Ron Swanson Halloween MaskInhabit the legend.
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    Read The Solitude of Nature, a Diary by Ron SwansonHe wasn’t thrilled about writing it, which makes it delightful.
  6. Henry David Thoreau Gets Told In Ron Swanson’s Nature DiaryThe Parks And Rec book Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America comes out next Tuesday, and in celebration of America’s Paris, EW has posted Ron […]
  7. Parks and Rec Recap: ‘I’m Leslie Knope’In last season’s finale, Parks and Rec left us hanging at the edge of three different cliffs, with Leslie deciding between her relationship […]
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    Take the Official Ron Swanson Manliness TestTom Haverford failed but is demanding a retest.
  9. Tom Haverford’s New Slippers Bode Well for Season Four of Parks and RecHere’s a nice photo that Aziz Ansari posted to his Tumblr earlier, showing his character Tom Haverford decked out in…something. I assume this […]
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    Get Your Own Ron Swanson Paper DollTom and April dolls are also available.
  11. The Trader Joe’s in Centreville, VA Uses Ron Swanson, Tom Haverford to […]I posted a picture of a sign from a Trader Joe’s featuring a drawing of Ron Swanson selling bacon to the Splitsider Tumblr earlier today (yes, […]
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    Admire a Ron Swanson Mosaic Made From Photos of His Favorite FoodsThe turf ‘n turf, the meat tornado, the Ron Swanson turkey burger, etc.
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    See Ben & Jerry’s New Ron Swanson–Flavored Ice CreamIt’s not real, but oh, if wishing made it so.
  14. Ron Swanson’s First Wife: Oprah?On Parks and Rec, we’ve met Tammy #2, Ron Swanson’s second wife, a couple of times. Played memorably by Nick Offerman’s actual wife, Megan […]
  15. Every Ron Swanson Meat Quote, In Convenient Image FormRon Swanson is a true lover of meats on Parks and Recreation, with an insatiable appetite for any number of animal proteins. And now Alex Leo […]
  16. Ron Swanson’s Dangerous ClaymoreHere’s Parks and Rec showrunner Michael Schur on an idea for an episode about Ron Swanson they’ve been kicking around for a while: “In Ron, I […]
  17. Ron Swanson in All His Naked GloryDid you know that Nick Offerman, who plays Ron Swanson on Parks and Rec, appeared on HBO’s Deadwood? And that role had him as “Tom Mason, the […]
  18. Nick Offerman Critiques Some Cats That Look Like Ron SwansonRemember Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson? Well, Ron Swanson himself, Nick Offerman, has weighed in on the site over at Vulture. I mean, you […]
  19. Cats That Look Like Ron SwansonFor your consideration: “Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson.”
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    Meet a Group of Cats Who Look Like Ron SwansonExcept he doesn’t really seem like a cat person.
  21. Buy Yourself the Ron Swanson Pyramid of GreatnessLooking to add some flair to your office, dorm room or man cave? The NBC store is now selling a nice, big poster of Ron Swanson’s Pyramid of […]