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  1. summer of scam
    Tavi Gevinson Announces Rookie’s ClosingThe summer of scam makes an unlikely cameo.
  2. spring preview 2017
    Spring 2017 Podcast Preview: S-Town, Rookie, and Other Great Shows to Watch ForThe Serial crew returns with a brand-new podcast you’ll love.
  3. danny pudi
    Watch Danny Pudi Dole Out Advice for Teenage GirlsAsk Abed!
  4. jon hamm
    Watch Jon Hamm Answer Reader Questions From GirlsSex ed just got awesome.
  5. paul rudd
    See Paul Rudd Answer Questions for Readers of RookieTell us more about boobs, Paul Rudd.
  6. hannibal buress
    See Hannibal Buress Give Advice to Teenage GirlsThis Christmas, give your pesky niece the gift of a Vimeo URL.