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  1. horror
    Room Director Finds Another Claustrophobic Space in The Little StrangerIt continues the themes of a woman trapped in a hostile environment.
  2. casting couch
    Jacob Tremblay Joins Shane Black’s PredatorFrom the Room to the choppa.
  3. fall preview 2016
    Emma Donoghue on Writing About Children“One of the amazing things about children is how unquestioningly they get on with whatever their peculiar circumstances are.”
  4. oscars 2016
    How 6 of This Year’s Oscar Movies Were CastAs told by the casting directors of six of this year’s most critically acclaimed films.
  5. awards season
    Big Short and Compton Win Big at Casting AwardsEach took home a prize for best feature-film casting.
  6. the toughest scene i wrote
    The Toughest Scene I Wrote: Cutting a Powerful Moment From RoomWhereas a book can meander toward its destination, a film has a forward momentum.
  7. Jacob Tremblay Dances to ‘Uptown Funk’He’s got moves you’ve never seen.
  8. critics choice awards 2016
    Jacob Tremblay Gives Adorable Acceptance Speech“I know where to put this: right on the shelf beside my Millennium Falcon.”
  9. cuteness
    Jacob Tremblay Celebrates Room’s Oscar Nods With an Adorable PhotoThis photo is almost as cute as his dad!
  10. oscars 2016
    Room Is Lowest-Earning Best Picture Nom in YearsNot since 1989 has a movie been out for as long and grossed less than Room.
  11. chat room
    Room’s Brie Larson on Charming Her Child Co-Star“I had never wanted to be accepted so badly by anybody as I wanted to be accepted by him.”