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  1. connections
    Wait, Marianne Williamson and Laura Dern Used to Be Roommates?Transcendental meditation works in mysterious ways.
  2. ‘Gregg & Becca’: Proof We Should Stop Being So Precious I’ve railed against narrative web series of late, and I stand behind my vitriol. Still, I found myself enjoying the 20 minutes that I took […]
  3. I’m Beginning to Suspect That You, My Roommate, Are Not Famed Artist […] Hey Kevin, hey Banksy, come on in and have a seat. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat. I know we’re all incredibly busy—me with my […]
  4. vulture asks
    Vulture Asks: What Pop Culture Did a Roommate Ruin for You?For Jesse David Fox, a college roommate listened to a song so often that he now cringes at the mere thought of it.