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  1. roll clip!
    Roseanne Has No Patience for Dan Romanticizing the Past in New Roseanne ClipsThe Conner family is back on the couch.
  2. ABC’s ‘Roseanne’ Revival Premieres in MarchABC’s Roseanne revival has a premiere date. According to Deadline, the network announced today that the revival, which was given a […]
  3. Dan Is Alive in the Roseanne Revival, But New Episodes Won’t ‘Ignore’ FinaleIf this turns out to be another book, so help us D.J. …
  4. Coming to Amazon: ‘Roseanne,’ ‘3rd Rock from the Sun,’ and MoreHulu recently made a huge push for classic sitcoms, announcing last month that it’s acquired exclusive rights to stream shows like M*A*S*H, The […]
  5. Roseanne Barr Says the Roseanne Reboot ‘Is Not About Trump!’But isn’t everything about Trump now?
  6. ABC Releases Trailers for New Comedies ‘Alex, Inc,’ ‘The Mayor,’ and […]ABC just released a bunch of series trailers for some brand new comedy shows. In addition to the Zach Braff-starring comedy Alex, Inc. […]
  7. comebacks
    ABC Officially Picks Up the Roseanne RevivalThe revival had been shopped around to several networks.
  8. The ‘Roseanne’ Revival Gets a Straight-to-Series Order at ABC20 years later, the Roseanne revival is officially a go at ABC. According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC has given an 8-episode, […]
  9. A ‘Roseanne’ Revival Is in the Works with the Original Cast AttachedRoseanne is making a comeback. Deadline reports that an eight-episode limited series revival of Roseanne Barr’s classic ‘90s ABC family sitcom […]
  10. roll clip!
    Dan and Darlene Share an Overdue Moment in Roseanne Reunion SceneDan’s alive!
  11. Watch the Roseanne Episode Carrie Fisher Wrote for Debbie Reynolds“Arsenic and Old Mom” was her only sitcom-writing credit.
  12. tv couple scuffle
    TV Couples: Clair and Cliff vs. Roseanne and DanThe couple that plays together stays together.
  13. from the archives
    New York’s First Impressions of 9 Legendary TV ComediesLooking back at season one, episode one of Saturday Night Live, All in the Family, 30 Rock, and more.
  14. binge on tv not candy
    Simpsons, Buffy Writers on Halloween EpisodesPlus: How to avoid sitcom trick-or-treat monotony, according to folks from Home Improvement, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Parks and Rec.
  15. Russia Is Finally Getting the ‘Roseanne’ TV Adaptation It DeservesA new Roseanne series is coming back to television, but not in the country you might think. Variety reports that Sony Pictures Television has […]
  16. Watching Roseanne’s Early Standup and Secret Sitcom Pilot The Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. […]
  17. Roseanne Barr Sheds More Light on the Behind-the-Scenes Sexism on […]Norm Macdonald took to Twitter late Sunday night to deliver a long missive about comedians unfairly labeled “crazy” and “difficult” and singled […]
  18. Norm Macdonald Talks About Working for ‘Roseanne’ and Comedians Labeled […]Norm Macdonald took to Twitter late last night and delivered a lengthy but enlightening missive about the nature of creativity in comedy, the […]
  19. 90s nostalgia
    Happy 25th Anniversary, RoseanneIt’s weird to think of the show as being that old, since its style and sensibility seem completely current.
  20. Roseanne Says Chuck Lorre Stole Her Joke for ‘Two and a Half Men’Over the last three days, Roseanne Barr has been tweeting up a storm about Two and a Half Men creator stealing a joke from her standup act and […]
  21. 11 Shows That Went Head-to-Head With ‘SNL’ and LostSaturday Night Live is an institution that has been considered overrated and underrated since its debut in 1975, always provoking debate, […]
  22. comedy week
    Nineties’ Great Stand-up Sitcom Boom and BustTales of network executives pushing each other over to raid the comedy clubs. Is that irrational exuberance coming back?
  23. exclusive
    First Look: Roseanne Barr on The OfficeShe’s just as cranky and snarky as you’d expect.
  24. ‘The Shield’ Creator Shawn Ryan Writes About How Great ‘Cheers’ Is“Cheers represented writing, acting, and directing at the very highest levels, and Sam and Diane remain the gold standard for a complicated, […]
  25. sitcom smackdown
    Sitcom Smackdown Semifinals: Cheers vs. RoseanneThe Shield creator Shawn Ryan reaches across the comedy/drama aisle to make the hard call.
  26. tv
    Who Should Replace Joy Behar on The View? We Offer Eight SuggestionsYeah, we could see Rosie coming back.
  27. sitcom smackdown
    Best Sitcom Quarterfinals: Friends vs. RoseanneKen Tucker considers it the battle of the Unruly Masterpiece versus the Well-Wrought Masterpiece.
  28. sitcom smackdown
    Round 1: Roseanne vs. Malcolm in the MiddleDon’t these working-class comedies scratch the same itch? They do not, actually.
  29. sitcom smackdown
    What’s the Best Sitcom of the Past 30 Years?We kick off our Sitcom Smackdown, a bracket that pits Cheers, The Simpsons, 30 Rock, Arrested Development, and twelve more comedy greats against each other to find the ultimate champion.
  30. NBC Is Developing Another Roseanne Sitcom Last season, NBC ordered a pilot called Downwardly Mobile starring Roseanne Barr and John Goodman as a couple living in a trailer park. The […]
  31. Some Samples Before Next Weekend’s Roast Roast of Roseanne Get More: Comedy Central,Funny Videos,Funny TV Shows Those are some good zings. There is one Ross zing, however, that […]
  32. Jeff Ross Went to the Roseanne Roast Dressed as Joe Paterno, of CourseYep. After dressing as Colonel Gaddafi at last year’s roast, Jeff Ross stepped it up this year, dressing as the deceased former Penn State […]
  33. Here Are Your Roseanne RoastersAs is the case with their roasts, Comedy Central has assembled a rag tag group of comedians, celebrities, and “celebrities” to roast Roseanne. […]
  34. Jane Lynch to Handle Roastmaster Duties for RoseanneI always wonder two things when I hear about an upcoming Comedy Central roast: how mean will it be, and is the roastee really on board for it? […]
  35. A Look Back At Joss Whedon’s ‘Roseanne’ EpisodesBefore Joss Whedon convinced an absurdly large number of normal world citizens to see a movie about Norse gods, frozen past-men, and Robert […]
  36. Who’s a Better Mother, Roseanne or Donna Reed?Duels or “classy show-downs” as they are often called by no one, have been solving hot debates for ages. They’re useful for delivering crowds a […]
  37. Roseanne for President: The First Hundred Days in OfficeFinally going through with her promise/threat from August, Roseanne Barr has filed the paperwork to run for president and says on her Twitter […]
  38. 30 Rock vs. Community and Roseanne vs. Mary Tyler MooreThe Best Sitcom Episode Ever Tournament is pitting 32 of the greatest episodes of funny TV shows ever produced against each other in a […]
  39. 90s nostalgia
    Differentiate the Sitcom Characters Named D.J. of Your ChildhoodThe eternal question remains: D.J. Tanner or D.J. Conner? Surely one of them was the inspiration for the ironic moniker you adopted that one time you spun records at your cousin’s house party in college.
  40. tv
    NBC Buys Roseanne Barr’s New Multi-Camera Sitcom’Downwardly Mobile’ is set in a trailer park.
  41. Think Twice, It’s Alright: the Best Two-Part Sitcom EpisodesIt’s tough enough for TV writers to make viewers laugh for 22 minutes — to extend an episode’s length to 44 minutes, even spread over two […]
  42. Roseanne Is Running for President on a Platform of Bartering and Craziness Good news! Your crazy aunt is getting into politics. Yes, Roseanne is running for president as a member of the “Green Tea Party.” She has many […]
  43. ratings
    Roseanne’s Reality Show Ratings Are Not That GreatPawn Stars drew more viewers.
  44. Roseanne Reminisces about Her Show for Fat People on Letterman While visiting Letterman to promote the aptly named Roseanne’s Nuts, the comedic mother of us all described how her sister overheard two […]
  45. tv
    Roseanne Barr and Ken Levine Fight About Roseanne Barr, Ken LevineAlso sexism!
  46. Roseanne on Roseanne: ‘Fame’s a bitch’Stop whatever you’re doing (unless it’s directing air traffic or something; hopefully you have a lunch break soon) and read Roseanne Barr’s New […]
  47. Tom Arnold On Roseanne, Chuck Lorre And The Julia Louis-Dreyfus Parking […]Sometimes everything happens for a reason. Other times, everything happens because you’re friends with Roseanne. In his new A.V. Club […]
  48. Roseanne’s Lifetime Reality Show About Her Hawaiian Farm Is Not a JokeThis is real: “Lifetime Television has ordered 16 half-hour episodes of an all-new docu-series featuring Emmy® Award-winning actress, […]
  49. The Roseanne Producer Who Resigned After Tom Arnold Tried to Strangle HimToday, Letters of Note has a fascinating piece of TV history relating to Roseanne: “On March 27th, 1990, with 34 episodes and a string of […]
  50. Roseanne, Rhea, and the Rise of the Female Sitcom StarWomen have proven they could be funny since the beginning of television; there were female comedy stars on shows like SNL, Lilly Tomlin on […]
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