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  1. trailer mix
    Kaley Cuoco Is Crazy, Drunk, But Not a Killer in The Flight Attendant TrailerPrepare for turbulence.
  2. for your health
    Chris Rock and His Hat Appear at Cuomo Press Conference“I thought I lived in the United States. I thought I lived in a country. And now I realize that we have 50 countries.”
  3. the law
    Rosie Perez Backs Up Annabella Sciorra’s Rape Claim in Weinstein Trial Testimony“She told me that it was, in fact, Harvey Weinstein that raped her.”
  4. last night on late night
    Let’s All Try and Guess Who Bit Rosie Perez on the ButtIt all went down on WWHL.
  5. justice for miss wolfe
    Why Isn’t Rosie Perez’s Character in Charge on Rise?Miss Wolfe had an idea for Grease!
  6. the view
    Rosie Perez Is Leaving The View After Less Than a Year [Updated]Michelle Collins has reportedly been upgraded to regular co-host.
  7. co-hosting
    Rosie Perez, Nicolle Wallace to Host The ViewJoining Rosie and Whoopi.
  8. last night on late night
    Jeff Daniels Performed ‘Dirty Harry Blues’Plus: Kevin Hart on Robert Pattinson’s ideal “Gotcha, bitch!” move for Kristen Stewart, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  9. life imitates law and order
    Rosie Perez Is Suing Law & Order Because of Back PainDun-dun-dun Dick Wolf!
  10. clickables
    Watch Children’s Hospital’s Tribute to Do the Right ThingIn the closing credits on Sunday night’s show, the whole gang breaks it down à la Rosie Perez.
  11. up all night
    Kutcher, Moore, Aniston, Crudup and Others Kick Off 24 Hour Play FestivalReady or not, the actors hit the stage tomorrow at 8 p.m.
  12. the industry
    Rosie Perez, Craig Ferguson, and Arsenio Hall to Play CrayonsPlus: What has Brad Pitt done with his life?
  13. chat room
    Kevin Chamberlin of ‘The Ritz’ Discusses Beefy, Naked GuysNaturally, Vulture is pretty excited about the Broadway revival of The Ritz, the story of a family man from Ohio who accidentally takes refuge in a gay bathhouse circa 1970 while on the run from his homicidal brother-in-law.
  14. the industry
    Can ‘The Women’ Finally Make it to the Screen?