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  1. The Year in News2016 was an absolute nightmare, but thankfully comedy was there to keep us somewhat sane. From the world of television to movies, podcasts, web […]
  2. The Critics Are Not Being Kind to Fox’s ‘Mulaney’ John Mulaney’s sitcom premieres this Sunday, and while fans and critics across the board agree that Mulaney himself is a talented and likable […]
  3. This Week in Comedy: Chris Lilley Brings Back Ja’mie and Bob Odenkirk’s […]-Chris Lilley will return as Ja’mie from Summer Heights High in a new series called Ja’mie: Private School Girl, premiering on HBO November […]
  4. A Hiatus-Filled Week in Comedy- Community and Louie are both taking hiatuses. Commmunity’s is because of NBC’s wishes, Louie’s is because of C.K.’s. Also, Whitney is on […]
  5. A Podcasty Week in Comedy-We launched the Splitsider Podcast Network! -Chris Gethard wrote about how liberating it is to fail. -Humorist David Rakoff died, and we […]
  6. A Fairly Horrifying Week in Comedy- NBC dropped Community from its midseason lineup! We despaired (can network comedies with long-term jokes even survive?), we bargained (we […]
  7. A Hard-Working Week in Comedy-We watched the over-the-top Big Lebowski porn parody. -We looked at the arc of George Carlin’s standup career. -Outgoing UCB Theatre […]
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    Explore a Bounty of Harry Potter–Related Supporting MaterialsReviews! Slideshows! Supercuts! Harry!
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    Which of This Week’s Eleven New Reality Shows Is Right for You?The one about cheerleaders? Or taxidermists? Or country singers?
  10. Holiday Week News Roundup and Christmas Comedy Video ExtravaganzaMerry Christmas, everybody! It’s Christmas Eve, so I’m peeling off early today. Before I do, here’s a list of the stories you missed while you […]
  11. Everything Interesting That Happened In the World of Comedy This WeekBusy week, right? You probably missed some stuff that happened in the world of comedy! No worries, it happens. Lemme help catch you up, because […]
  12. Everything Interesting That Happened in the World of Comedy This WeekHey, it’s Friday! That means it is the end of the week, so it’s time to make sure you didn’t miss anything while you were doing whatever it is […]
  13. The Week in Comedy: The End of Classic Simpsons WeekIt’s been a pretty fun week here at Splitsider as we wrap up our very first theme week. We tackled what is my personal favorite TV show of all […]
  14. Everything Worthwhile That Happened in Comedy This WeekHappy Friday, gang! It’s the end of another long, soul-crushing week, but cheer up! Next week is a short week. Although you’ll be forced to […]
  15. Everything Worthwhile That Happened in Comedy This WeekWere you not paying attention this week? Well, lemme catch you up on the news and features you missed by being so constantly distracted. And […]
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    How Much Better Is Rachel McAdams Than Morning Glory?’The Notebook’ star is getting glowing reviews. The movie, not so much.