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  1. netflix
    Rowan Atkinson Fights a Bee in One of 7 New Netflix U.K. ShowsSam Mendes and Andy Serkis are among the cadre of talent in several newly announced series.
  2. movie review
    A Bumbling Spy Returns in the Resoundingly Mild Johnny English Strikes AgainRowan Atkinson revives a espionage hero for another not-so-daring comedic adventure.
  3. Johnny English Reborn Trailer: Wackiness By The Numbers 2 shots to the groin + 3 blows to the head + one gigantic golf-bag machine gun + one super-powered wheelchair + one brutal beating of an […]
  4. Rowan Atkinson Wrecks Supercar, Walks Away Unscathed And All Silly-Like That title is not an exaggeration; Rowan Atkinson’s car accident last night took place in a million dollar McLaren F1 Supercar, because he’s […]
  5. Hands Up, Who Likes Me?: Edmund Blackadder, the Greatest Sitcom Anti-Hero […]In this weekly column, I’ll introduce you to the world of British comedy in the chronology of how I, an American anglophile, discovered it in […]
  6. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Jack Black Plans to Rescue TVPlus: Taylor Kitsch to take his long hair on a ‘Battleship’.