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Royal Family

  1. herstorical fiction
    Netflix Might Plumb More Britstory for a Prequel to The CrownWhich … isn’t that just The King’s Speech?
  2. buckingham fallacy
    Hollywood Unlocked Admits Queen Elizabeth II Is Alive“I can say my sources got this wrong …”
  3. respect the classics
    Prince William Is Simply Chuffed by AC/DC“It’s the best tonic for a Monday morning.”
  4. keeping up with the fake royals
    The Crown Consultant and Friend of Princess Diana Quits Over Her Portrayal“I realized that particular story line would not necessarily be told as respectfully or compassionately as I had hoped,” Jemima Khan said.
  5. keeping up with the royals
    Prince Harry Will Attend Prince Philip’s Funeral in the U.K. on April 17It will be his first time visiting his family since he and Meghan Markle moved to California.
  6. yuck
    Piers Morgan Walks Off Good Morning Britain During Meghan Markle ConversationAnd now he has quit the show!
  7. keeping up with the ex-royals
    Oprah Says Queen and Prince Philip Weren’t the Royals Concerned About Skin Tone“It was not his grandmother nor his grandfather that were a part of those conversations,” Oprah clarified this morning.
  8. keeping up with the royals
    There Was a Royal Wedding This Weekend?Poor Beatrice.
  9. keeping up with the royals
    Heeeeeeeeere’s Archie!Behold, the royal baby’s face.
  10. the duchess
    Meghan Markle Is Getting As Close to Her Acting Revival As PossibleAnd it involves Shakespeare.
  11. trailer mix
    Harry & Meghan Trailer: Don’t Show This Seduction to the House of Lords!Lifetime has done it again.
  12. vulture lists
    Beyond Suits: Your Guide to Meghan Markle’s TV WorkYour mom’s not crazy: She really was in Castle that one time.