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  1. reality tv
    MTV’s Royal World Will Be an Aristocratic Real World SpinoffGive us all the viscounts and baronesses.
  2. casting
    The Inevitable Harry & Meghan Lifetime Movie Has Found Its Harry and MeghanYou never know, Parisa Fitz-Henley and Murray Fraser could marry royals one day too.
  3. national anthems
    Demi Lovato Hit a Home Run With Her World Series National AnthemShe killed this.
  4. radio
    San Francisco Radio Stations Ban Lorde’s ‘Royals’ Ahead of World Series ShowdownWith the Kansas City Royals.
  5. covers
    Hear Bruce Springsteen Cover Lorde’s ‘Royals’In New Zealand!
  6. grammys 2014
    Watch Lorde Get Her Claws Out for ‘Royals’ at the GrammysNo gold teeth, plenty of blackened fingertips.
  7. young hearts run free
    The Most Teenage Lyrics on Lorde’s Album, Pure Heroine“Maybe the Internet raised us, or maybe people are jerks.”
  8. right-click
    Watch Lorde Perform ‘Royals’ on Late Night With Jimmy FallonIt was her U.S. TV debut.
  9. primer
    Lorde 101: Who Is This 16-Year-Old New Zealand Singer Everyone’s Talking About?You can call her queen bee.
  10. books
    Harvey Weinstein Has a Thing for Prince Harry“Who knows, maybe we’ll do a movie about the princes next.”