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    The Grammys Ditch Controversial Anonymous Nominating CommitteesAfter the Weeknd said he’d boycott future awards.
  2. awards
    The Emmys’ Rules Change; Orange Is the New Black No Longer a ‘Comedy’Lots of changes.
  3. awards
    Oscars Will Only Nominate Docs with Times ReviewsDocumentaries will have to have a New York or L.A. Times review to be eligible for an Oscar nomination.
  4. oscars
    New Oscar Campaign Rules Target Twitter, FunNo more partying with nominees.
  5. BBC’s New Rules On Comedy Forbid ‘Unduly Derogatory Remarks’The BBC just released a new list of rules for shows that it airs, including a couple focused on comedies. They are very British! One rule […]
  6. rules
    Inglourious Basterds, Single Man, and The Road Ineligible for WGA AwardsSome worried about whether Harvey’s decision not to send screeners might hurt the movies chances. Turns out they couldn’t win anyway.