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Rumor Has It

  1. rumor has it
    The Taylor Swift and Adele Collab Rumors Have Been DebunkedA source told E! News “there is no truth,” so now we really do have “Broken Hearts.”
  2. rumor has it
    Obviously Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Aren’t Dating, You ClownsHaven’t you ever just been friends with a hot guy?
  3. rumor has it
    Chris Darden on Marcia Clark Romance RumorThere’s a lot of gems in here.
  4. all things new-fangled
    Oh, So That’s Why YouTube Is Launching an Awards ShowThey have a new music subscription service coming out.
  5. rumor has it
    Tim Burton Might Direct Beetlejuice 2The director is said to be in talks for the sequel.
  6. rumor has it
    Freddie Mercury Snuck Princess Diana Into a Gay Club in the EightiesAfter dressing her up as a man.
  7. Could NBC Be Ready to Double Down on The Voice?Xtina all year round!