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  1. trash talk
    14 Amazing Tales of Michael Jordan Being a Hypercompetitive WeirdoWe’re not saying these are all definitely true, but watching The Last Dance makes it easy to believe they are.
  2. end times fun
    Daniel Radcliffe Wants You to Know He’s Okay“I’m very pale,” said the sickly-looking but perfectly healthy actor.
  3. rumors
    Michael B. Jordan Got Advice From Will Smith About Handling Dating RumorsMBJ continues to awkwardly discuss his personal life.
  4. rumors
    Dolly Parton Might Be Getting Her Own Netflix Series, According to Lily Tomlin“They’re going to do a series about Dolly’s songs, like she did with ‘Coat of Many Colors,’” she said at a panel for Grace and Frankie.
  5. meek mill
    Meek Mill Won’t Be Released From Prison Next Week, Attorney SaysAccording to Mill’s attorney, there’s “no truth” to rumors that the rap star will be walking out of prison on Monday.
  6. rumors
    Ellen Pompeo Addresses Rumors That Her Salary Caused Grey’s Anatomy Departures“It’s absolutely not true.”
  7. Louis C.K. Responds to Tig Notaro’s Recent Comments: “They’re Rumors, […]Thanks to some recent comments by Tig Notaro, the long-running rumors of Louis C.K.’s sexual misconduct have resurfaced in the news again, and […]
  8. ‘He Can’t Just Let His Art Do the Talking": Read This Essay About Louis […]Louis C.K.’s new film I Love You, Daddy premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend, and now that the persistent rumors […]
  9. Tig Notaro Speaks Out on Louis C.K. Sexual Misconduct RumorsBack in April, Tig Notaro revealed that she and Louis C.K. hadn’t spoken in a year and a half when she decided to speak up about Saturday Night […]
  10. casting couch
    Which Oscar-Winning Actress Is in Talks for the Live-Action Barbie Movie?Amy Pascal said an Oscar winner is in negotiations to star.
  11. super bowl li
    Lady Gaga Not Featuring Guests in Halftime ShowShe’ll be only the eighth performer in halftime-show history not to have a guest.
  12. the talk show host we deserve
    Drew Barrymore Might Become a Talk-Show Host NowRumor is she’s in talks with Warner Brothers.
  13. reunion
    LCD Soundsystem May Reunite at CoachellaConsequence of Sound says it can confirm that the band will embark on a reunion tour in 2016.
  14. rumors
    Emma Stone Turned Down Ghostbusters Because It Wasn’t the Right TimeAlso, she explains her reaction to the Sony hacking scandal.
  15. rumors
    Zayn Malik Reportedly Can’t Release Music for Two YearsAccording to a Facebook post from Mic Righteous.
  16. true detective season 2
    Here’s Where We Stand on True Detective Season 2 [Updated]It’s not just a meme!
  17. casting rumors
    All Your Tweets Have Cost Idris Elba the Role of James Bond“If there was ever any chance of me getting Bond, it’s gone.”
  18. rumors
    Chris Pratt Might Be the New Indiana JonesMaybe. Someday.
  19. history
    The 6 Wildest Stories From Leonardo DiCaprio’s Long, Party-Filled HistoryIncluding the adventures of the Pussy Posse, naturally.
  20. rumors
    Renée Zellweger on Her Face: ‘I’m Glad Folks Think I’m Different’“I’m living a different, happy, more fulfilling life,” the actress told People. “Perhaps it shows.”
  21. rumors
    No, Jessica Chastain Will Not Be on True Detective’s New SeasonHopes? Dashed.
  22. rumors
    HBO May Do a Napoleon MiniseriesA Napoleon series written by Stanley Kubrick!
  23. rumors
    Here Are Your Newest Outkast Reunion RumorsFor Coachella.
  24. rumors
    Chris Pratt Might Star in Jurassic WorldInstead of Josh Brolin.
  25. rumors
    Kate Upton May Join the Entourage MovieShe probably will, because everything works out for them.
  26. rumors
    Taylor Swift Confirmed for The Giver [Updated]“Page Six” saw her with Jonas.
  27. rumors
    Here’s a Rumor About a Kanye-Miley ‘Black Skinhead’ RemixFrom the Post.
  28. rumors
    The Beyoncé Album Rumors Are Not ImprovingIt might not happen this year.
  29. rumors
    Ryan Gosling, Zac Efron Rumored for Star Wars: Episode VIIGosling as Skywalker’s son. ALLEGEDLY.
  30. rumors
    Fincher Wants Rosamund Pike for Gone GirlOooh, a twist.
  31. rumors
    Beyoncé Canceled a Concert, and You Know What That MeansIs she pregnant?
  32. shake-ups
    Rumor: Idol Scrapping All Its Judges Next SeasonAnd Nigel Lythgoe, too.
  33. rumors
    Alex Pettyfer Filmed a Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Scene for Gus Van SantIt might mean nothing!
  34. rumors
    Is Justin Timberlake Your New Daddy Warbucks?Sony denies it, but …
  35. non-denial denials
    Michelle Williams Is Not Ready to Confirm a Destiny’s Child Reunion“It is rumored.”
  36. rumors
    Prepare Yourselves for a Les Miz Oscar Sing-alongIt might be happening.
  37. rumors
    Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Had a Rough New Year’sAs in, they maybe broke up.
  38. rumors
    Don’t Count on Britney Spears for More X FactorShe’s probably getting fired.
  39. rumors
    Ian McKellen Reportedly Joins British Sitcom Called Vicious Old QueensAbout two gay men living together in London’s Covent Gardens neighborhood.
  40. rumors
    Those Justin Timberlake Album Rumors Are Back!Our three-piece-suit-wearing JT voodoo dolls might’ve finally paid off. 
  41. divas
    Here Are Your Latest Mariah-Nicki Feud RumorsFrom the set of Idol.
  42. divas
    Here Come the Mariah-Nicki Feud RumorsMariah is not happy, sayeth TMZ.
  43. rumors
    Alanis Morissette ‘in Talks’ for Idol, MaybeAnother day, another judge rumor.
  44. rumors
    Idol Wants DiddySeems like a long shot.
  45. oscars 2013
    No, Jimmy Fallon Won’t Be Hosting the Oscars“It’s not my year.”
  46. rumors
    Timberlake Maybe, Possibly Not Working On AlbumSays a random producer.
  47. rumors
    Of Course Emma Watson Isn’t Doing the Fifty Shades of Grey MovieStupid Internet rumors.
  48. rumors
    Looks Like The Real World Is Heading to PortlandPlease have the cast members get jobs pickling things.
  49. rumors
    Mariah Carey Reportedly ‘in Talks’ for IdolDoesn’t it seem like Mariah Carey is always in talks for American Idol?
  50. rumors
    Is Randy Jackson Leaving Idol, Too?Maybe!
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