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Ryan Heffington

  1. dance dance revolution
    Crying and Twerking Through the Apocalypse With The OA’s Ryan HeffingtonHeffington is starting a revolution from his living room: cathartic Instagram dance classes, attended by upward of 6,000 strangers.
  2. The Choreographer for Sia, The OA, and Baby Driver Wants More Faces in DanceRyan Heffington also explains how his immersive new WWII-themed show Seeing You was influenced by Madonna.
  3. chat room
    The OA’s Choreographer on the Meaning of the ‘Movements’“If an abstract, postmodern dance routine just happened, it would absolutely be unbelievable.”
  4. choreography
    How Sia’s Videos and Performances Got ChoreographedA conversation with Ryan Heffington.