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  1. trailer mix
    The Hurricane Heist Trailer Gives You a Wild Heist — During a HurricaneDon’t ever settle for either a crime caper or a natural-disaster movie when you can have both.
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    Vulture’s All-Star Super Bowl Party DiaryTales from bumping into Hayden Panettiere, Justin Timberlake, Jamie Foxx, Kate Walsh, and more on the partying circuit down in New Orleans.
  3. chat room
    Ryan Kwanten Defends Jason Stackhouse, Sort Of “I see him more as simple than dumb.”
  4. Ryan Kwanten to Romance Jess on New GirlWay to go, Jess.
  5. trailer mix
    Knights of Badassdom Trailer: When HBO Stars Attack!Peter Dinklage, Ryan Kwanten, and Steve Zahn play sword-wielding nerds.
  6. chat room
    True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten on the ‘Brutal and Dirty’ Fourth Season, Surviving a Shark Attack, and Working Out“Jason Stackhouse’s life is very much on the line.”
  7. quote machine
    Jennifer Lopez Not Quite Sure What ‘Superstar’ MeansPlus: Judd Apatow is so not punk rock.
  8. true abs
    Jason Stackhouse’s Abs: An InvestigationAnother question: Will Michael Emerson guest star on ‘True Blood’?
  9. quote machine
    Megan Fox Orders Mickey Rourke to ProcreatePlus: Eva Mendes actually very funny, says Eva Mendes.
  10. chat room
    True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten Talks to VultureThe Australian actor talks about being the comic relief, his character’s crazy sex scenes, and how a shark once almost bit off his arm.
  11. true blood
    Ask True Blood’s Jason Stackhouse AnythingWe’re speaking with Ryan Kwanten tomorrow at 1 p.m. Ask away!
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    The Truth Is, Nicolas Cage’s Whole Life Has Been Practice for Playing a SorcererPlus: Sarah McLachlan’s 8-year-old daughter is totally out of control.
  13. true blood
    True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten: A Man and His AbsRyan Kwanten beefs up for season three.
  14. industry
    Hugh Jackman Too Busy to Star in Weird-Ass Soderbergh MusicalBut he’s not too busy to play an owl!