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  1. sadface
    Emmys 2015: Who Got Snubbed?The Americans, mostly.
  2. sadface
    The Many Angles of Sad Saul on HomelandYou’d put your head in your hands, too.
  3. sadface
    Coroner Reveals Additional Details About Whitney Houston’s DeathInvestigators found twelve kinds of medication prescribed by five different doctors.
  4. sadface
    Whitney Houston’s Death Ruled AccidentalCocaine use and heart disease contributed to her accidental drowning.
  5. sadface
    Another Horse Dies in Connection With HBO’s LuckThis is the third equine to go down.
  6. sadface
    Bobbi Kristina and Oprah Talk About Grief, Fame, WhitneyAlso, Bobbi Kristina wants to get into entertainment.
  7. sadface
    Luck Euthanized Two HorsesPETA is not happy.