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  1. $$$
    MGM, That Studio With the Lion, Is Exploring a SaleIts biggest offering? Bond, James Bond.
  2. amazon prime day
    Roku Just Gave You Another Reason to Buy a TV on Prime DayThey’re releasing wireless speakers that will tidy up your life
  3. harvey weinstein
    The Weinstein Company Sale Fell Through Again (Again)Due to “disappointing information.”
  4. Here Are All of the Movies That Sold at Sundance This YearIncluding The Tale, Assassination Nation, and Lizzie.
  5. look what you made me do
    ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Is Already Selling in Huge Numbers, PredictablyWe couldn’t stay away from Taylor’s angsty, clunky return to the spotlight.
  6. sequential art
    June Was the Biggest Sales Month in Nearly 20 Years for the Comics IndustryThe drivers were big events from DC and Marvel.
  7. milestones
    Beyoncé’s Lemonade Hits 1 Million Copies SoldIt’s her sixth album to do so.
  8. ‘Cougar Town’ Creator Bill Lawrence Sells a Show with a Better Name to NBCBill Lawrence, creator of Scrubs and co-creator of Cougar Town and Spin City, just sold a new comedy to NBC called Undateable. Deadline reports […]
  9. the future
    E-Books, Making Hardcover Books Look ExpensiveAnd thus, outselling them handily.
  10. recoveries
    Eminem’s Recovery Tops the Billboard Charts’Eclipse’ and ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ were up there, too.
  11. sales
    Not That Many People Bought Christina Aguilera’s New AlbumOnly 110,000, to be exact.
  12. sales
    Amazon Cancels Accidental Comics SaleAmazon has temporarily removed the “buy” buttons from a huge portion of its comics inventory.
  13. sales
    Susan Boyle Rules AmazonShe dreamed a dream.
  14. music
    Grunge Forever, Dude!Pearl Jam is back at No. 1 on the charts for the first time since 1996.
  15. michael jackson
    Michael Jackson (Temporarily) Saves the Record IndustryEveryone’s buying MJ!
  16. sales
    Did Michael Jackson Die to Save the Pop Charts?His ‘Number Ones’ album hit No. 1 in the U.K.
  17. sales
    Michael Jackson Dominates the iTunes Sales Chart41 of the Top 100 songs were recorded by Jackson.
  18. overnights
    The ‘Entourage’ Guilt/Pleasure Index: Costco? Seriously?One week after an innovative and exciting season premiere, in which a documentary crew chronicled Medellin’s impressive on-set turmoil, Entourage transports the whole crew safely — and, for this viewer, sadly, — back to L.A. Good-bye, jungle mania and creative meltdowns!
  19. last night’s gig
    Rappers Unite: Ghostface, Fat Joe, and … Marty Markowitz?Staten Island native Ghostface Killah left his bling at home while performing a medley of new and old faves at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival on Saturday. Sporting a rhinestone-encrusted tee in lieu of his typical dinner-plate-size pendant, the headliner echoed the Crooklyn-4-eva festival vibe as he signed off after performing “One.”
  20. overnights
    ‘John From Cincinnati’: Dr. Smith, We’re Counting on YouWe suspected Dr. Michael Smith would be more important than he looked: Despite appearing in the classically ephemeral television role of “doctor delivering the news in a hallway,” his picture and bio are listed on John From Cincinnati’s official Website. A dead giveaway.
  21. quote machine
    Michael Moore to Tom Delay: It’s On!“[I] will be happy to debate DeLay in whatever prison he ultimately relocates to and allow ABC to cover that debate.” —Michael Moore’s response to Tom DeLay, who called him “chicken” for canceling their debate [Variety]