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  1. year in culture 2013
    David Edelstein’s Worst Movies of 2013The Lone Ranger, obviously. And more.
  2. books
    If You Really Want to Know About J.D. Salinger, Read J.D. SalingerFrom his preference for young women to hints of unpublished writing, Salinger left attentive readers plenty of breadcrumbs.
  3. movie review
    Movie Review: SalingerShane Salerno’s bio-documentary attempts to uncover the mystery behind the Catcher in the Rye author.
  4. party chat
    Salinger Director Shane Salerno Insists Salinger Wasn’t a Recluse“He was a private man, and he had a lot of reasons to be private. Especially with his attraction to younger women, younger girls.”
  5. books
    Book and Documentary Promise Five New J.D. Salinger BooksSalinger’s secrets are out.
  6. no spoilers here
    The Weinstein Company Kindly Requests That You Not Spoil SalingerRemember The Crying Game? It’s like that, apparently.
  7. trailer mix
    Salinger Trailer: J.D.’s DemonsThe Weinstein Co.’s new documentary looks surprisingly intense.