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Sam Anderson

  1. in the magazine
    Anderson on Franzen’s Freedom: ‘A Work of Total Genius’“A reminder … of why everyone got so excited about Franzen in the first place.”
  2. dfw
    Reading Room: David Foster WallaceOn “Wallace’s fullest elaboration of what he saw as the key question of modern existence.”
  3. reappraisals
    Anderson Reviews 13-Year-Old SelfSam Anderson reviews ‘Flight,’ the 1990 Michael Jordon biography he wrote as a 13-year-old, recently unearthed in his mom’s garage.
  4. vulture reading room
    David Rees Gets His PowerPoint OnThe ‘Get Your War On’ author has submitted his first contribution to the Vulture Reading Room, in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.
  5. vulture reading room
    Things Heating Up in the Vulture Reading RoomTwo more pundits weigh in on Bill Wasik’s ‘And Then There’s This.’
  6. announcements
    Welcome to Wetlands and the Vulture Reading Room’New York’ book critic Sam Anderson has convened a roundtable of literary luminaries to discuss ‘Wetlands,’ a novel that brims over with sex talk and bodily fluids.
  7. obit
    Sam Anderson Remembers David Foster WallaceLots of public figures organize their work around the demons that eventually take them down, but few of them ever do so with the apparent wisdom and self-awareness Wallace did.
  8. kudos
    ‘New York’ Critic Sam Anderson Enlivens National Book Critics Circle AwardsBest speech of the night has to go to Sam Anderson, who gave a rousing defense of the art of criticism.
  9. kudos
    Congratulations to ‘New York’ Book Critic Sam Anderson!New York’s book critic is the winner of the Balakian Citation for Excellence in Reviewing from the NBCC.
  10. ranters and ravers
    Sam Anderson: How Critics, Including Me, Screwed Up Our Alice Sebold ReviewsHow did we all get an important plot detail so totally wrong?
  11. ranters and ravers
    Nathan Zuckerman’s Penis: A Critical OverviewThe Season of the Wang continues.
  12. the take
    ‘New York’ Book Critic Sam Anderson’s ‘Deathly Hallows’ Reading DiaryAn hour-by-hour catalogue of a weekend of wizardry.