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  1. singles
    Looking Back on the Weird Fad of Stand-up Comedian SinglesFeaturing Rodney Dangerfield, Howie Mandel, Chris Rock, and more.
  2. ‘I Am Sam Kinison’ Airs on Spike TV Next MonthA new documentary exploring the life and career of Sam Kinison debuts on Spike TV next month, and today the network released the trailer. […]
  3. What Happens When Once-Beloved Comedy Fails the Test of Time? One of the most common praises of art – be it music, literature, comedy or anything else – is to refer to it as “timeless.” What people […]
  4. stand-up
    First Look at Footage From Sam Kinison’s Last Filmed PerformanceFilmed two weeks before his fatal car accident.
  5. HBO Is Making a Sam Kinison Biopic HBO has ordered up a biopic based on the life of standup Sam Kinison, who died in a tragic car accident in 1992. The film, titled Brother Sam: […]
  6. the industry
    Seth Rogen Is Really Into PornoPlus: What’s Dean Cain up to these days?