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    Comedy Central to Debut Sam Morril’s New Special TonightIn the meantime, here’s a clip.
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    What Joker Gets Right About Stand-Up ComedyTalking with Gary Gulman and Sam Morril, who perform stand-up in the film, about their roles and the horrors of open mics.
  3. Check Out Some Clips from Seeso’s ‘Funny as Hell’ Featuring Aparna […]Seeso’s standup series Funny as Hell returns for its sixth season this week, and today the streaming network released two short clips from the […]
  4. Sam Morril Has Seen Some Rough Comedy ClubsSam Morril is standing casually, one foot slightly in front of the other, on the stage of Boston’s Royale nightclub. He’s discussing terrorism […]
  5. Living the Standup Life with Sam MorrilSam Morril is a great writer of jokes. His comedy often comes from a place of uncomfortable honesty. “I look exactly like my biological father […]
  6. You Had To Be There #84: Sam MorrilThis week, Sara gives a visceral account of her triumphant if unglamorous half-marathon and Nikki connects over the awkward joy of a good […]