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  1. trailer mix
    The Jojo Rabbit Trailer Stars Taika Waititi As a Dancing HitlerAnd Sam Rockwell is playing a Nazi.
  2. typecasting
    Sam Rockwell Is Ready to Take ‘a Long Break’ From Playing Racists“I played a lot of rednecks — ‘country’ is probably a better way to put it.”
  3. tv review
    Fosse/Verdon Is Made for Hardcore Fans of Showbiz HistoryIt’s hard to imagine more delectable bait for fans of Broadway and Hollywood tales.
  4. oscars 2019
    Last Year’s Acting Winners Will Present at the 2019 Oscars After AllThe Academy is fine. Everything is fine!
  5. movie review
    Vice Is Gimmicky, But Christian Bale’s Dick Cheney Impersonation Is Spot-onAdam McKay has devised a rollicking comic style for what amounts to an anti-hagiography, a scabrous portrait of Dick Cheney the Unholy One.
  6. trailer mix
    Vice Trailer: Christian Bale Goes Full Dick CheneyJust in time for the holidays.
  7. castings
    Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams To Star in FX Limited Series Fosse/VerdonLin-Manuel Miranda will produce.
  8. good ideas
    Taika Waititi’s Next Film Is a WWII Satire in Which He Plays HitlerSounds like appointment viewing.
  9. independent spirit awards 2018
    Jordan Peele, Get Out Among the Winners at the Film Independent Spirit AwardsWhile Frances McDormand celebrated the ability to swear freely during her Best Female Lead acceptance speech.
  10. baftas 2018
    Three Billboards Wins 5 Prizes at the 2018 BAFTA AwardsGary Oldman, Allison Janney, and Daniel Kaluuya were among the night’s other winners.
  11. last night on late night
    Yes, Sam Rockwell’s Dad Defended Three Billboards in the Times’ Comment Section“I think I would still love the movie if another actor had played Dixon … But not quite as much.”
  12. Sam Rockwell Is a Cussin’, Dancin’ Fool on ‘SNL’Since Sam Rockwell was announced as the first SNL host of 2018, I’ve been stoked. I’ve been a rabid Sam Rockwell fan since he danced to […]
  13. profanity!
    Sam Rockwell Joins the Prestigious ‘Drops F-Bomb on SNL’ ClubBeing a science teacher would do that to a man.
  14. last night on late night
    SNL Finally Comes to Its Senses and Dedicates Entire Sketch to Stanley Tucci“Tucci gang / Tucci gang / Tucci gang / Tucci gang.”
  15. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: Sam Rockwell Knows His Gay Porn StarsThe Three Billboards star makes his SNL debut.
  16. Check Out This Week’s ‘SNL’ Promos Featuring First-Time Host Sam RockwellSam Rockwell makes his Saturday Night Live hosting debut tomorrow night in the first new episode of 2018, and the show released a round of […]
  17. Behind Nicole Kidman, Sam Rockwell, and Ewan McGregor’s Award-Winning AccentsMeet the woman who’s helped Kidman, Naomi Watts, Oprah, Colin Firth, and more to convincingly mimic accents unlike their own.
  18. Sam Rockwell Will Host the First ‘SNL’ of 2018Saturday Night Live has set its first host for 2018. Over the weekend, the show announced that Sam Rockwell will host the next new episode on […]
  19. How the DIY Stella Shorts Somehow Introduced the Future of Mainstream […]The Stella shorts, which were filmed as companion pieces to their NYC live show and later collected on the rare Stella Shorts 1998-2002 DVD, […]
  20. movie review
    Review: Three Billboards Unsettlingly Blends Eccentricity and TragedyWriter-director Martin McDonagh begins with a finely calibrated mix of melancholy and quirk, but it ultimately turns broad to the point of silliness.
  21. casting couch
    Mission Accomplished: Sam Rockwell in Talks to Play George Bush in Cheney BiopicProduction starts in September.
  22. Watch a Clip from ‘Don Verdean’ with Danny McBride and Sam RockwellHere’s an exclusive clip from Don Verdean, the latest film from Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre’s Jared Hess. Starring Sam Rockwell, Amy […]
  23. movie reviews
    Don Verdean Is a Comedy That Forgets to Be FunnyJemaine Clement is in it, though, so that’s good.
  24. theater
    Theater Reviews: Fool for Love and BarbecueSam Rockwell and Nina Arianda return to Broadway.
  25. movie review
    Movie Review: Edelstein on The Way, Way BackSteve Carell, Sam Rockwell, and Toni Collette star in this movie by the writers of The Descendants.
  26. chat room
    Sam Rockwell on The Way, Way Back and Dancing“People say, ‘Take it easy with the f*cking dancing, Rockwell.’”
  27. party chat
    Sam Rockwell Dressed As a Care Bear for George Lucas’s Daughter For George Lucas’s daughter.
  28. young'uns
    See Early Head Shots of 16 Stars-to-BeThe actors shot by photographer Andrew Brucker in the eighties and nineties made it big: Also see fetal Kevin Spacey, Marisa Tomei, Winona Ryder…
  29. casting couch
    Anne Hathaway, Chloë Moretz in Talks for Lynn Shelton’s New MovieCalled Laggies.
  30. Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: ‘Seven Psychopaths’Last fall’s crime-centric black comedy Seven Psychopaths came out this week on DVD and Blu Ray, so why not get both? (Or just one — your […]
  31. seven psychopaths
    Christopher Walken Reads Honey Boo Boo“These are words?” asks Christopher Walken.
  32. seven psychopaths
    Watch a Clip From Seven PsychopathsBeware the Shih Tzu!
  33. trailer mix
    Seven Psychopaths Trailer: Christopher Walken, Dog KidnapperIn an ascot, no less.
  34. ‘The Way, Way Back’ Sure Sounds Like a Perfect MovieSteve Carell, Toni Colette, Maya Rudolph, Rob Corddry, Amanda Peet, Sam Rockwell are starring in a film written, directed, and co-starring Nat […]
  35. seven psychopaths
    See Photos From the Set of Seven PsychopathsWho looks nuttier: Farrell or Walken? (Like we even needed to ask.)
  36. movies
    Colin Farrell Into Martin McDonagh’s Seven PsychopathsHe’ll join Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken.
  37. clickables
    Enjoy the Definitive Collection of Sam Rockwell’s Slick Dance MovesHe’s unstoppable.
  38. party chat
    Justin Theroux Vows Revenge at Next Year’s Celebrity CharadesTheroux: “Sam Rockwell is a deadweight. We gotta cut him. We gotta recruit Jeremy Sisto.”
  39. trailer mix
    Conviction Trailer: Manipulating Your Need for KleenexHilary Swank stars in a weepie.
  40. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Gordon-Levitt, SpielbergPlus: Matthew Vaughn back in the picture for ‘X-Men: First Class.’
  41. charadespocalypse
    Julia Roberts Runs Amok at Celebrity Charades GameJulia Roberts: “My pants are SO tight, come on! I wore these tight pants just for you.”
  42. kudos
    Moon Wins Best Film at British Independent Film AwardsDuncan Jones should probably start working on his Oscar speech now
  43. up all night
    Kutcher, Moore, Aniston, Crudup and Others Kick Off 24 Hour Play FestivalReady or not, the actors hit the stage tomorrow at 8 p.m.
  44. trailers
    Your Parents Are Going to Love Everybody’s FineRobert De Niro’s new movie looks extra heartwarming and extra predictable. Just like Mom likes!
  45. vulture lists
    10 Greatest Multiple-Role PerformancesInspired by Sam Rockwell in ‘Moon,’ we count down the best performances by actors playing opposite themselves.
  46. chat room
    Moon’s Sam Rockwell on Being His Own Co-Star“It was weird — a big festival of narcissism for me.”
  47. trailer mix
    Moon Trailer: Sam Rockwell Does Kubrick, StimpySam Rockwell plays a lunar-based spaceman who suffers a freak accident and mental breakdown in the final days of his three-year assignment. This looks awesome.
  48. the industry
    Adam Sandler Is Building an ArmyPlus: Snoop does late night.
  49. iron man 2
    Sam Rockwell to Join Iron Man Franchise, Probably BrieflyHe’ll play Justin Hammer in ‘Iron Man 2.’ No word on who’ll replace him in ‘Iron Man 3.’
  50. countdown
    Jon Favreau Gets Chatty About ‘Iron Man’ SequelThe director reveals that Sam Rockwell may have had a shot at the role had Robert Downey Jr. not been available. Hm.
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