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San Diego Comic Con 2017

  1. A Tribute to Julianne Moore’s Delicious New Kingsman VillainHave you ever wondered what would happen if Giada De Laurentiis broke bad?
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    The Best Video From Comic-Con Is Lupita Nyong’o’s Full-blown Dork-OutDisguised as the Pink Power Ranger, Lupita Nyong’o had a ball at Comic-Con.
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    Frank Miller Hasn’t Watched Daredevil Yet“I’m looking forward to it.”
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    My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way’s Main Thing Is Writing Comics Now“I find that writing is way harder.”
  5. Frank Miller, Believe It or Not, Was Influenced by Dr. Seuss▶️ He rocked a Cat in the Hat pin at this year’s Comic-Con.
  6. Why Diversity Is Integral to Star Trek: Discovery▶️ “We champion the truth that we are not really different from each other.”
  7. Todd McFarlane Would Really Like Leonardo DiCaprio to Play the Lead in Spawn▶️ He loves Leo’s range.
  8. Aidy Bryant Says Improv and Voice Acting Are More Similar Than You Think▶️ “You have to be unafraid to go 150 percent.”
  9. Ana Gasteyer’s Favorite Vocal Exercise Is Actually Quite Dirty▶️ The People of Earth star has a scandalous approach to warming up her voice.
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    Watch All the Trailers Released at San Diego Comic-ConIt’s Christmas in July!
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    Steven Moffat Addresses Doctor Who Casting Backlash by Saying It Doesn’t Exist“So many people are wanting to pretend there is a problem. There isn’t.”
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    Pearl Mackie to Make Her Final Doctor Who Appearance in the Christmas Special“This is wicked. Thanks for having me.”
  13. Doctor Who Stars Respond to Jodie Whittaker Casting Backlash▶️ “I guess we’re still having that conversation.”
  14. Josh Hutcherson Does a Mean Impression of Seth Rogen’s Laugh▶️ He became familiar with the distinct laughs of Rogen and co-producer Evan Goldberg on the set of Future Man.
  15. How Outlander’s Claire and Jamie Will Deal With Heartbreak in Season 3▶️ The show’s stars walk us through their characters’ emotional journeys.
  16. Ryan Coogler Fought Chadwick Boseman on Black Panther Set to Energize the Star“He’s very hands-on,” says the star. “He likes to be physical and be part of it.”
  17. Spawn Won’t Be the Main Character in Todd McFarlane’s New Spawn Movie▶️ The upcoming film, produced by Blumhouse, will be more of a horror movie than a superhero one.
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    Smallville Star Tom Welling to Return to DC Universe in LuciferNo word yet on whether his new character wears glasses.
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    The Women of Westworld Really Love Being on Westworld“Somebody had given me fucking condor wings, and I got to take off and fly!”
  20. Frank Miller Is Writing a ‘Superman: Year One’–Style Origin StoryThe comics legend is finally taking a “meaningful crack” at the Man of Steel.
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    Captain Marvel Will Be Set in the 1990s and Feature a Pre-Eyepatch Nick FuryMaybe we’ll finally see how Mr. Fury lost that eye.
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    Watch the Newest Thor: Ragnarok Trailer and Bow Before Cate BlanchettBlanchett plays Hela, the new villainess who’ll make Thor’s life miserable.
  23. Michelle Pfeiffer Will Play Janet Van Dyne in Ant-Man and the WaspThe former Selina Kyle returns to superhero movies.
  24. The Hottest Cosplayers at Comic-Con▶️ These cosplayers are sizzling.
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    Return to the Chaos of Westworld With This New Season 2 TeaserThe new season premieres in 2018.
  26. star trek discovery
    Watch the Impressive, Ambitious Official Trailer for Star Trek: DiscoveryThe reboot premieres on CBS All Access this fall.
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    Shannon Purser Surprised Stranger Things Fans, and the Cast, at Comic-ConBarb may be gone, but Shannon Purser is eternal.
  28. stranger things season two
    Enjoy More ’80s References in the First Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer“Thriller,” Dragon’s Lair, and more delightfully obvious era-markers.
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    Ben Affleck Bats Back at Reports He’ll Stop Playing Batman“Let me be very clear: Batman is the coolest f–king part in the universe.”
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    Wynonna Earp Has Been Renewed for a 3rd SeasonMore demon-hunting adventures in purgatory to come.
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    The CW Heard Your Prayers: Riverdale Season 2 Will Have 22 EpisodesAlso, did you hear it’s going to be dark?
  32. Watch the New Justice League Trailer, Now With More Wonder WomanIt just debuted at San Diego Comic-Con, with loads of new footage.
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    Ready Player One Trailer: Steven Spielberg Returns to Sci-FiSee it in theaters March 29.
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    Arrival Screenwriter Developing AMC Sci-Fi SeriesEric Heisserer is adapting a story by Ted Chiang, who also wrote the source material for Arrival.
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    Walking Dead Panels at Comic-Con Remembered Director George A. RomeroGreg Nicotero looked back on his early days with the visionary director.
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    Jeffrey Dean Morgan Shares What He Likes Least About Negan on The Walking DeadMaybe being a conscience-free killer is like the second or third worst thing about him.
  37. The Preacher Cast Explains the Link Between the 2 Seasons▶️ “Can we just broach the subject of the foreskin one more time?”
  38. san diego comic con 2017
    A Big Bang Theory Prank Gone Awry Ended With Kaley Cuoco Covered in BloodIt’s all fun and games until one of your blue-chip stars sustains a head wound.
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    Marvel’s The Defenders Trailer: Sigourney Weaver Takes ManhattanTo be fair, it looks like she might have a little help from Elektra.
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    Looks Like You’re Getting a 2nd Season of Netflix’s Iron FistHope you’re ready for, at minimum, one more fist.
  41. The Tick Star Peter Serafinowicz’s Favorite Funny Superhero MomentIt’s a classic Batman bit involving a lesson in courteousness toward pedestrians.
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    Todd McFarlane Is Partnering With Blumhouse to Develop His Spawn RemakeThe comic book was previously adapted for a 1997 movie and an animated HBO series.
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    Twin Peaks Cast Recalls David Lynch’s Reaction to Jim Belushi Improvising LinesWhile at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, the cast warns that David Lynch will send you to the principal’s office. Also, he is the principal.
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    Game of Thrones Comic-Con Trailer: Melisandre’s Back and She Has a PlanThe red priestess returns in a GOT trailer released at Comic-Con.
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    Alfie Allen Brought the World’s Cutest Puppy Onstage at Comic-ConThis year’s Game of Thrones panel featured a very special, very adorable guest.
  46. The Walking Dead Season-8 Trailer Teases a Big Time JumpThe series returns October 22.
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    AHS: Cult Trailer: Ryan Murphy Brings You Political Commentary Via … Clowns?Season seven premieres September 5.
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    The Real Hero of Marvel’s Inhumans Comic-Con Trailer Is Medusa’s Strangling HairMarvel’s Inhumans debuts its first two episodes in IMAX theaters on September 1.
  49. How the Creators of Brigsby Bear Approached Kidnapping-Based ComedyWriter-star Kyle Mooney and director Dave McCary talk about finding the right tone.
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    Rocko’s Modern Life Reboot Trailer Deals With All the New Changes Since the ’90s“I don’t think we’re in the ’90s anymore.”
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