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Santa Clarita Diet

  1. vulture lists
    12 Shows That Also Deserve Deadwood-style Movies for ClosureWe see you, Santa Clarita Diet.
  2. cancellations
    Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet Won’t Be Back for Season 4Au revoir, Mr. Ball Legs.
  3. hmm
    Journalist Behind Bizarro Drew Barrymore Interview Promises It Wasn’t Faked*Eyes emoji*
  4. renewed
    Santa Clarita Diet Has Been Renewed to Satisfy Your Zombie AppetiteBraiiiiiiiiins!
  5. Timothy Olyphant Confronts Seth Meyers On Their Friendship Timothy Olyphant could soon be filming a long-awaited Deadwood movie, and serious drama is where he’s most often found, but on Tuesday […]
  6. Nathan Fillion on Playing a Zombie Head in Santa Clarita Diet Season 2“Hey folks, it’s another severed head joke!”
  7. trailer mix
    Drew Barrymore Loves Eating Humans in the Santa Clarita Diet TrailerNo, she never had an orgasm while eating a man’s liver.
  8. vulture lists
    What’s New on Netflix: March 2018Martin Scorsese’s Casino, a documentary about the Flint water crisis, and much more.
  9. gross things
    Why Is Everyone Projectile Vomiting on TV?In every binge-watch, apparently there must be a purge.
  10. Netflix Renews ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ for a Second SeasonNetflix’s new zombie comedy starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant will return for a second season. Variety reports that the streaming […]
  11. chat room
    Drew Barrymore Wants to Hear Your Theories About Santa Clarita Diet“I’m interested to see what each individual takes from it.”
  12. close reads
    Santa Clarita Diet Is Really About a Husband’s Fear of His WifeIt continually returns to the idea of how suspiciously men regard positive female transformation.
  13. tv review
    Santa Clarita Diet Tells the Same Joke, Over and Over AgainYou’ll probably let Netflix keep cycling through to the next episode rather than switching over to something else.
  14. chat room
    Santa Clarita Diet’s Victor Fresco on Drew Barrymore and Zombie Gore“There’s a lot of difficulty as an actor to lie in cold, smelly, fake vomit for three hours.”
  15. flesh-eating actors
    Drew Barrymore Talks Eating Fake Human FleshUndercover reporting for the Chicago Sun-Times seems like a piece of cake now.
  16. trailer mix
    Drew Barrymore Feasts Upon Human Flesh in the Santa Clarita Diet TrailerComing to Netflix February 3.
  17. Check Out the Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Starring Drew […]Last year, Netflix ordered a new comedy starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant called Santa Clarita Diet, and thanks to the full trailer […]
  18. trailer mix
    See Drew Barrymore in Santa Clarita Diet TeaserThe Netflix series, also starring Timothy Olyphant, drops February 3.
  19. dieting
    Drew Barrymore’s Netflix Show Santa Clarita Diet Is About Eating PeopleSeems that the “Santa Clarita Diet” is heavy on iron.
  20. Netflix’s New Comedy ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Premieres in FebruaryBack in March, Netflix ordered a new comedy series from Victor Fresco (Better Off Ted, My Name Is Earl) called Santa Clarita Diet, and today […]
  21. Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore to Star in Netflix Comedy Series […]Netflix has a new comedy series in the works starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the streaming […]