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  1. castings
    Sarah Chalke Will Bring Her Voice to Netflix With Animated Paradise P.D.The new adult cartoon will focus on a bunch of bumbling cops.
  2. Scrubs Alum Sarah Chalke Joins ABC ‘Eccentric Parents’ ComedyTitle: How to Live With Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life.
  3. the industry
    Carrie Underwood Is an Actress NowPlus: Rob Riggle is coaching football!
  4. prosopagnosia
    Does Harvey Weinstein Think All Blonde Actresses Look the Same?Traci Lords, Sarah Chalke, Joey Lauren Adams: They’re all the same to Harvey.
  5. mysteries
    Did We Finally Meet the Mother in Last Night’s How I Met Your Mother?Impossible to say!
  6. the industry
    Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford Catch Cabin FeverPlus: Michelle Obama’s hairstylist finally gets a reality show.
  7. the take
    ‘How I Met Your Mother’: Does It Feel Braffy in Here?Was it the subpar, rushed-after-the-writers’-strike jokes? Was it the presence of Sarah Chalke? Was it Ted’s really not-great hair?