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    Reply All’s Brilliant Roman Mars Episode Messes With the Podcast IndustrySilly stunt or cunning commentary? It could be both.
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    What’s It Like to Be Serial’s New Co-host?Emmanuel Dzotsi talks joining a megahit podcast, spending a year in Cleveland’s courts, and being roommates with Sarah Koenig.
  3. podcast review
    Serial Season 3 Is Ambitious, Addictive, and Completely DifferentThe hit podcast’s highly anticipated third season is off to a fantastic start.
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    Serial Season 3 Will Bring You Inside Cleveland’s Courts on September 20Hosts Sarah Koenig and Emmanuel Dzotsi take a deep dive into the city’s judicial system.
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    Sarah Koenig on Adnan Syed’s New Trial: ‘It Was a Long Shot’Koenig emphasizes the efforts of the Undisclosed podcast in uncovering key evidence.
  6. patience is a virtue
    Serial Will Now Release Episodes Every Other WeekThe podcast, which will now have an extended second season, needs more time for more reporting.
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    Inside the Making of Serial Season TwoHow the podcast scaled up from Adnan to Afghanistan.
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    The 3 Most Interesting Things About ‘Serial’ Season 2 Episode 1, ‘Dustwun’Listening to Bergdahl speak is itself fascinating.
  9. the industry
    ‘Serial’ the Podcast Will Now Become Serial the TV Show By The Lego Movie guys.
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    Serial Creator Sarah Koenig Misses Her AnonymityDon’t expect season two to have the same universal appeal as season one.
  11. peabody awards
    Cecily Strong Brought Back Her Sarah Koenig Impression at the Peabody Awards“You remember Asia McClain.”
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    ‘Serial’ Will Have at Least 3 SeasonsIt’ll be a trilogy!
  13. party chat
    Legally Blonde Cures Sarah Koenig’s Flying FearsAnd Legally Blonde 2.
  14. Sarah Koenig Is Not About to Crowd-Source Her Stories on Reddit“I didn’t even know what Reddit was.”
  15. timelines
    A Timeline of Events Since the ‘Serial’ PremiereFinally, a “Serial” timeline that does not include cell-phone records or Leakin Park.
  16. The ‘Serial’ Ending Never Belonged to UsA final look at a cultural obsession.
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    The 3 Most Interesting Things From ‘Serial’ Episode 12, ‘What We Know’The grand finale.
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    Every ‘Serial’ Theory, From Most to Least PlausibleWas the real culprit a drug dealer or a serial killer?
  19. funny or die
    See an Eerily Accurate Parody of the ‘Serial’ FinaleSarah Koenig is under a lot of pressure.
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    5 Loose Threads the ‘Serial’ Finale Must Tie UpBesides the question of who did it.
  21. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Calls ‘Serial’ Host Sarah Koenig His Favorite Guest of All TimeGood way to start New Episode of “Serial” Day.
  22. radio vulture
    The Strange Intimacy of ‘Serial’What gives the podcast’s storytellers, and its listeners, the right to parse through the very private details of other people’s lives?