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  1. emmys 2016
    Sarah Paulson to Marcia Clark in Her Emmys Acceptance Speech: ‘I’m Sorry’“I, along with the rest of the world, had been superficial in my judgment.”
  2. emmys 2016
    Jimmy Kimmel’s Potshot Against Marcia Clark Is Too Soon. Too Soon! “Are you rooting for O.J. to win this time?”
  3. last night on late night
    Pedro Pascal Explains How Sarah Paulson Got Him on Game of ThronesIt’s a long and sordid tale, full of intrigue and Sarah Paulson.
  4. casting couch
    Sarah Paulson Might Just Join Ocean’s EightShe’d fill out a cast that includes, well, everyone. 
  5. casting couch
    Sarah Paulson Joins Ryan Murphy’s FeudIt was only a matter of time.
  6. the industry
    American Crime Story: Katrina Will Be BrutalSarah Paulson says she wants to come back.
  7. the people v. o.j.
    Do Not Criticize Marcia Clark in Front of Sarah Paulson“He said something similar to Sterling K. Brown, who plays Chris Darden, and we both were like, ‘Motherf—er, get out of my face.’”
  8. in casting news
    Sarah Paulson Joins Rebel in the RyeBehind every rebel is a great woman. 
  9. chat room
    Sarah Paulson: Playing Marcia Clark Terrified Me“Ryan, do I have to learn to write as a left-handed person? I don’t have time to do this. I’m not Daniel Day-Lewis!”
  10. Marcia Clark on The People v. O.J. Simpson“It is extremely painful to live through this again.”
  11. last night on late night
    Watch Paulson, Key, Peele Read New Mean TweetsAlso featuring Viola Davis, Julianna Margulies, Daniel Radcliffe — oh, and Kurt Russell’s facial hair.
  12. party chat
    Cate Blanchett Would Be Up for a Cameo on AHSSame.
  13. castings
    Sarah Paulson Joins AHS: HotelIt will be her fifth go-round in the AHS universe.
  14. party chat
    Sarah Paulson Is Dying to Wear That Marcia Clark Wig“I’ve almost never been more excited for anything in my life!”
  15. party chat
    Sarah Paulson Almost Told the AHS Lady Gaga News“It’s Lady Fucking Gaga! I mean, come on.”
  16. casting couch
    Cuba Gooding Jr. to Play O.J. Simpson for Ryan MurphyIn American Crime Story.
  17. horror week
    Tricks and Treats: Read All of Vulture’s Horror Week StoriesEvil clowns, zombies and Ebola, Elm Street, and more.
  18. horror week
    AHS: Freak Show’s Sarah Paulson Faces Her FearsHer role playing conjoined twins is a disorienting feat of mind-body multitasking.
  19. comic-con 2014
    What We Now Know About American Horror Story: Freak Show Information from the Comic-Con panel.
  20. American Horror Story’s Paulson on 13 RolesThe actress breaks down her career highlights.
  21. party chat
    You Haven’t Actually Seen American Horror Story’s Conjoined Twins Yet… according to Sarah Paulson.
  22. american horror story
    See Sarah Paulson’s Two-Headed American Horror Story Character“Bette and Dot.”
  23. casting couch
    Sarah Paulson Joins Nicolas Cage in Political DramaAbout a congressman caught in a sex scandal.
  24. party chat
    Sarah Paulson Talks American Horror Season 4She’s working on “a very special skill.”
  25. chat room
    AHS’s Sarah Paulson on Her Sex Scene With Snakes“Tequila was involved. I had to have some tequila.”
  26. chat room
    Sarah Paulson Almost Lost 12 Years a Slave“American Horror Story was like, ‘We already own her.’”
  27. party lines
    Party Lines Slideshow: Sarah Paulson Talks Boats“I was very intoxicated.”
  28. teases
    Jessica Lange to Play ‘Glamour Cat’ in American Horror Story Season ThreeNext year is all about “female power.”
  29. chat room
    Sarah Paulson on AHS’s Bloody Face Reveal“I just have to tell you, it’s going to get worse.”
  30. casting couch
    American Horror Story Bringing Back More of Its CastSarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, and Evan Peters will all be part of season two.
  31. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Chris Martin Ranks His Looks Against Ricky Martin And Radiohead, Lies About The U2 RivalryPlus: Jesse Tyler Ferguson impersonates Sofia Vergara, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  32. party lines
    Sarah Paulson at Merchant of VenicePlus: Eric Bogosian, Heather Lind, Dave Harbour …
  33. party lines
    Sarah Paulson at Driving Miss DaisyPlus: Boyd Gaines, Mario Cantone, Glenn Close …
  34. chat room
    Still Life’s Sarah Paulson on How She Beat Stage Fright“Drugs. Pharmaceuticals. Just kidding.”
  35. reboots
    Cupid Is Back, But Why?No one at ABC seems to be on the same page.
  36. the industry
    Jessica Biel Books a Seat on the Invisible JetPlus industry news on Kevin Spacey, Clint Eastwood, and Matt Damon.