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Sassy Gay Friend

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    Watch Sassy Gay Friend Make Lady Macbeth CryWhat is life without challenges?
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    Watch Sassy Gay Friend Get Real With Nina From Black Swan“Buy some nail clippers.”
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    Hear Sassy Gay Friend’s Lifestyle Advice for Ms. HavishamLose the clocks.
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    What If the Giving Tree Had a Sassy Gay Friend?SGF brings his special brand of guidance to Shel Silverstein’s famously altruistic plant.
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    What If Othello’s Desdemona Had a Sassy Gay Friend?Sassy Gay Friend saves another Shakespearean lady from suuuper-tragic death.
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    What If Juliet Had a Sassy Gay Friend?“I think you’re fourteen and you’re an idiot.”
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    Would Ophelia Have Died If She Had a Sassy Gay Friend?No.