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  1. ex-besties
    Adam McKay Says Will Ferrell Won’t Speak to HimThey haven’t spoken since they broke up Gary Sanchez.
  2. rip
    Former SNL Writer and Cast Member Peter Aykroyd Dead at 66The show announced his passing last night.
  3. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: Simu LiuA totally disappointing episode …
  4. snl
    Simu Liu, Bowen Yang Compete to Win the Title of Best First AsianRepresentation matters!
  5. snl
    Billie Eilish, Paul Rudd, and Charli XCX Will Close Out SNL for 2021Eilish is doing double duty.
  6. snl
    Sarah Sherman Makes a Scene-Stealing ‘Weekend Update’ Debut“I’m sitting here looking like Chucky went to Sarah Lawrence.”
  7. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: SNL Can’t Latch Onto Jonathan Majors’s Rising StarTaylor Swift gets the MVP as SNL can’t quite figure out how to make the most of Jonathan Majors’s turn as host.
  8. snl
    Taylor Swift Lights Up SNL Stage With ‘All Too Well’(The ten-minute version.)
  9. snl
    Please Don’t Destroy Are Pete Davidson’s ‘Three Sad Virgins’Feat. Taylor Swift.
  10. saturday night live
    Aidy Bryant and Bowen Yang Might Let Taylor Swift Perform in New SNL PromoSaturday Night Live (Aidy & Bowen’s Version).
  11. snl
    Dionne Warwick Welcomes Dionne Warwick to SNL“I’m not perfect. I’m just very, very good.”
  12. snl
    SNL’s Goober the Clown Defends Abortion Rights on ‘Weekend Update’“One in three clowns will have an abortion in her lifetime.”
  13. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: Kieran Culkin Gets Picked UpKieran Culkin brings his bizarro energy as SNL is starting to strain dealing with the largest cast in history.
  14. snl
    James Austin Johnson Brings His Trump Impression to SNL Cold OpenAt last.
  15. comedians you should know
    Please Don’t Destroy: Just a House Full o’ Boys“Logline: ‘Hijinks and hilarity ensue when three roomies become unlikely housemates.’”
  16. snl
    Kieran Culkin to Host SNL on November 6Musical guest Ed Sheeran has finished his COVID-19 quarantine and is set to perform as planned.
  17. comedians you should know
    James Austin Johnson’s Trump Brings All the Boys to the YardWait until they get a load of his Ed Begley Jr.
  18. last night on late night
    Who Said Jason Sudeikis Isn’t the Punishing Type?SNL essentially gave us a Brazzers prologue.
  19. ed near-an
    SNL: Patton Oswalt and the Mountain Goats Suggest Replacements for Ed Sheeran“No Children” is viral on TikTok. Think about it, Lorne!
  20. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: Jason Sudeikis Makes a Sharp ReturnJason Sudeikis is a sketch-comedy Swiss Army knife in his SNL-hosting debut.
  21. snl
    Jason Sudeikis’s Vance Revives SNL’s ‘What Up With That?’Along with Kenan Thompson and Fred Armisen.
  22. last night on late night
    SNL: Watch Rami Malek Demand Treats From Please Don’t DestroyOr else he’ll go on bad behavior.
  23. snl
    Aristotle Athari’s Angelo Makes a Wonderfully Weird Debut on SNLAlongside Daniel Craig and Rami Malek.
  24. snl
    Rami Malek and Aidy Bryant Find the Perfect Mattress on SNLAnd give us a nearly perfect sketch in the process.
  25. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: Rami Malek Is One Weird DudeSNL thrives off hosts like Rami Malek, whose weirdness and commitment translate to very fun sketches.
  26. snl
    Watch Pete Davidson and Rami Malek Imitate Each Other on SNLDuring Malek’s hosting debut.
  27. last night on late night
    SNL: Watch Kim Kardashian Helm the Costco Pop Group You Never Knew You Needed$1.50 hot dogs? Costco is a vibe.
  28. your honor
    If It’s Cringe, You’re Guilty in SNL’s Kourt Sketch With Kim K.“Travis, baby!”
  29. jiffy lube summer variety
    Please Don’t Destroy Make Their Hilarious SNL DebutBRB, picking up a pack of Desk seltzer.
  30. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: Kim Kardashian West Is a Great SportKim’s natural charisma carries her through most sketches, Aidy’s star quality is on full display, and Please Don’t Destroy’s SNL debut.
  31. final rose
    Kim K. Looks for Love in SNL Dating SketchJohn Cena?!
  32. pete davidson kiss cam
    Kim Kardashian West and Pete Davidson Smooch As Jasmine and Aladdin on SNLA whole new world!
  33. last night on late night
    Watch Kim Kardashian West’s Opening Roast MonologueThe library is open, but Kanye doesn’t read books.
  34. ka … chow?
    SNL Crashes and Burns Lightning McQueen’s Legacy“This is a complete betrayal of a beloved character and I don’t want any part of it.”
  35. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: There’s a New Biden on the BlockIn his first time as host, Owen Wilson charms in a remarkable debut episode for new featured player James Austin Johnson.
  36. snl
    Owen Wilson Coasts by on His Charisma in SNL MonologueBy his own admission!
  37. snl
    James Austin Johnson’s Biden Brokers a Deal in SNL Cold OpenFor the 47th season premiere.
  38. snl
    SNL Adds Ten New Writers for Season 47Last year’s head writers are also returning.
  39. snl
    Beck Bennett Is Leaving SNL After 8 SeasonsFeatured player Lauren Holt will also not be returning.
  40. snl
    SNL Unveils a Brand-New Batch of Featured PlayersAristotle Athari, James Austin Johnson, and Sarah Sherman (a.k.a. Sarah Squirm) are joining the cast.
  41. buffering
    Good Deal, Bad Strategy: Why the Paramount+ and Showtime Bundle Is a MessShould they just be one service by now?
  42. live from new york it’s…
    Kim Kardashian, Jason Sudeikis, and Owen Wilson to Be First-Time SNL HostsIf Sudeikis doesn’t get to do another “What Up With That?”, then it’s all for nothing.
  43. live from new york it’s…
    SNL to Return for Season 47 on October 2But who knows what comes next.
  44. #metoo
    Horatio Sanz Accused of Sexual Assault in LawsuitThe SNL alum’s lawyer called the allegations “categorically false.”
  45. chat room
    Cecily Strong Feels Good Whether or Not She Returns to SNL“I would love to go back; I would also love to have that be my end.”
  46. last night on late night
    Tim Robinson Describes the Coffin Flop They Couldn’t Film“Yeah, some of them yard-sale down a hill and hit birds.”
  47. snl
    Jim Belushi Has Always Been an OutsiderSNL is the hardest thing I ever did, and that’s including divorce. I survived it, barely.”
  48. comedy
    Showtime Would Love to See Vanessa Bayer’s I Love This for You as a SeriesThe network previously signed up for a pilot in January.
  49. profile
    Tim Robinson Is Sorry for YellingOn I Think You Should Leave, the comedian’s anxieties fuel a vast world of jerks, idiots, and outright assholes.
  50. live from new york it’s…
    Cecily Strong Is the Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started an SNL Conversation With“Things are a bit more up in the air and I’m OK with that.”
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