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    Yahoo Lost $42 Million on Community and Its Two Other Original SeriesOof.
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    Is It Going to Be Seven Seasons and a Movie for Community?Go human beings!
  3. Sony Asks You to ‘Keep ‘Community’ Alive’ Sony, the studio behind Community, which is on the brink of cancellation once again this season, put out this new promo as a “save our show” […]
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    Community’s Ratings Were Really Good Last NightReally!
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    Community for Newbies: Five Episodes to Get You HookedDon’t start with the paintball episode.
  6. Save Community So the Bee Ecosystem Isn’t Destroyed Forever The problem is so much more serious than we thought. No bees making honey? That means no mischievous bears sticking their paws in honey pots, […]
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    Watch Troy and Abed’s Christmas DuetA preview from this week’s Community holiday spectacular.
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    Jim Rash on His Awards Season and Save Community Campaigns“Technology has changed, and we need to figure out how to improve the archaic way of what makes a hit … beyond some people with Nielsen boxes.”
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    ‘Save Community’ Effort Includes an NBC ExecThis according to Shirley, so you know it’s the truth.