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Saved By The Bell

  1. revivals
    Mark-Paul Gosselaar Confirms That He’ll Be Back for Saved by the Bell RevivalAnd Kelly too!
  2. the streaming wars
    NBCUniversal’s Streaming Service Is Called Peacock and It’s Launching Next AprilIt’ll be the exclusive streaming home of The Office, Parks and Rec, and dozens of other NBC shows and original series.
  3. sitcoms
    A Saved by the Bell Revival Is Finally HappeningStarring Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez, it imagines a world where Zack Morris is governor of California. No, really!
  4. group dinners
    Saved by the Bell Cast Reunites for a Group DinnerIt’s like a reboot where you watch them split the check.
  5. fictional divorces
    Are Saved by the Bell’s Zack and Kelly Divorced?Even fictional marriage is hard.
  6. book excerpt
    Jessie Initially Took Speed on Saved by the BellThat’s that reason she was so, so excited. 
  7. nostalgia
    Gosselaar Joins Tiffani Thiessen’s Cooking ShowNineties nostalgia is a dish best served cold.
  8. graduation
    Saved By the Bell’s Mr Belding Graduated CollegeThe actor earned a bachelor of arts from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.
  9. high school tv showdown
    Every Episode of Saved by the Bell, Ranked From Worst to BestBayside High-jinks ahead.
  10. high school tv showdown
    Better: Freaks and Geeks or Saved by the Bell?Can the Weirs and their peers fend off a concentrated Zack (& Co.) attack?
  11. secret history of television
    Secret History of TV: Whatever Happened to ‘Very Special Episodes’?Find out in a very special episode of “Vulture’s Secret History of Television.”
  12. crimes and misdemeanors
    Screech Convicted of Stabbing a Guy in a Bar on ChristmasThe man otherwise known as Dustin Diamond was found guilty of two misdemeanors.
  13. The ‘Saved by the Bell’ Cast Reunites on ‘The Tonight Show’While Zack Morris has been a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s show before, on last night’s Tonight Show Fallon finally put together a nearly complete […]
  14. last night on late night
    Jimmy Fallon Hosts a Saved by the Bell ReunionWhere’s Screech? Oh, right.
  15. crimes and misdemeanors
    Screech Might Have Stabbed a GuySaved by the Bell’s Dustin Diamond was arrested in Wisconsin.
  16. spoofs
    Watch Friends of the People Spoof Bayside HighFeaturing Dustin Diamond.
  17. lifetime movies
    Watch the First Five Minutes of Lifetime’s Saved by the BellIt’s Screech’s party, kids.
  18. vulture quiz
    Take Vulture’s Saved by the Bell Superfan QuizIt’s been 25 years!
  19. lifetime movies
    The Saved by the Bell Lifetime Movie Gets AngstyKissing, punching, vandalism!
  20. saved by the bell
    Arya Stark Has Never Seen Saved by the BellShe thinks it’s mostly ridiculous.
  21. where's miss bliss?
    Lifetime’s Saved by the Bell Movie Looks RoughYeesh.
  22. adaptations
    Dirt That Must Be in the Saved by the Bell MovieTaken from Screech’s book.
  23. 90s nostalgia
    Saved by the Bell Movie Coming to LifetimeThis is not a drill.
  24. i'm so excited
    Elizabeth Berkley Did Her SBTB Dance on DWTS“I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so … scared.”
  25. nostalgia
    Mark-Paul Gosselaar Creates His Own Version of Modern Saved by the BellMark-Paul Gosselaar’s “What Would Zack Morris Do in 2013?” with Paul F. Tompkins. 
  26. It’s That Episode REDUX: Jeff Rubin Graduates with ‘Saved by the Bell’On “It’s That Episode” Craig Rowin (UCB Theatre) invites guests over to watch any episode of any TV show they want. They discuss the episode […]
  27. It’s That Episode: Jake and Amir Take a ‘Time Out’ with ‘Saved by the Bell’On “It’s That Episode” Craig Rowin (UCB Theatre) invites guests over to watch any episode of any TV show they want. They discuss the episode […]
  28. 4 Lessons Glee Should Take From Other Teen ShowsNo teen marriage, for starters.
  29. sitcom smackdown
    Comedy Undercard: Full House vs. Saved by the BellKids drama.
  30. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dustin Diamond…but Were Afraid to […]Having guaranteed Dustin Diamond and his management that I would remain “tasteful” in the publication of this interview, I’ll spare you the […]
  31. shark tank
    Time Out! Zack Morris Was on Shark Tank?“What was our volume last year, Slater?”
  32. lessons
    What Homeland Can Learn From Other Teen TV Hit-and-RunsOn Saved by the Bell, Degrassi, and 90210.
  33. saved by the bell
    Watch a Supercut of Mr. Belding Barging InAnd the Emmy goes to …
  34. So, Uh, Mr. Belding Is a Wrestler NowJessie Spano would not approve!
  35. saved by the bell
    See an Old Picture of Bethenny Frankel and ScreechBethenny and Screech? Now we’ve seen everything.
  36. saved by the bell
    What Lisa Turtle Looks Like NowLet’s start with “very, very, very different.”
  37. 30 rock
    Hear Michael McDonald Sing the Saved By the Bell Theme SongMichael McDonald hearts Kelly Kapowski!
  38. saved by the bell
    Watch a Mash-Up of Inappropriate Audience Reactions on Saved By the BellWho knew the studio audience at Saved By the Bell were all a bunch of jerks?
  39. holidaze
    See 40 TV Christmas Moments in Two MinutesGet a speed round of holiday wishes from 30 Rock, 3rd Rock From the Sun, Urkel, Cindy Brady, Murder She Wrote
  40. Six Recent Examples of ‘Breaking the Fourth Wall’ Trope SubversionWhen I learned the meaning of the expression “breaking the fourth wall” (which Urban Dictionary surprisingly accurately describes as when “a […]
  41. Our Plans to Engineer Career Comebacks for Curly Sue, Lisa Turtle, Small Wonder, and MoreWith Mayim Bialik, Gaby Hoffmann, and Anna Chlumsky’s making comebacks, why shouldn’t every eighties and nineties teen TV star get their chance?
  42. clickables
    Enjoy a Tribute to Zack Morris’s Many Vintage, Oversize Cell Phones“Dad, is this the only way I can get through to you?”
  43. clickables
    Play the 8-Bit Saved By the Bell YouTube GameSave Kelly!
  44. clickables
    Watch a Gory Music-Video Tribute to Saved By the BellFrom the ‘American Psycho’–Talking Heads guy.
  45. clickables
    Witness the Long-Awaited Jessie Spano–A.C. Slater ReunionThe love is still real!
  46. The Community/Saved by the Bell TheorySomeone has spent some time thinking about which Community characters are the most like the characters from Saved by the Bell. It’s pretty […]
  47. tv
    TV Worlds Collide: Watch the Moment Kevin Arnold Met Zack MorrisFred Savage got Zack’d!
  48. tv
    See There Will Be Bell, a Timely Video Mash-UpAnother life lesson from ‘Saved by the Bell.’
  49. party lines
    No Tears or Lunch at Saved by the Bell Reunion“I wish we’d all been able to have lunch together that day or something,” says Elizabeth Berkeley.
  50. persona non grata
    From Screech’s Mouth to God’s Ear, Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Allegedly) Did SteroidsScreech says that Zack Morris once admitted that to him while the two were riding in a limo.
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