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  1. labor unrest
    The Situation: Scab?“Mike decided in order to get season 3 done he was going to have to lead the pack and wants to encourage the rest of his cast to follow his lead.”
  2. strike zone
    Dave Grohl and Beyoncé to Scab It Up at the GrammysAmid fears that the ongoing writers’ strike might prevent next month’s Grammy Awards from being anything but the glorious miracle that we’re all accustomed to, SAG members Beyoncé and Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl have announced they will break with their guild and defy picket lines.
  3. strike zone
    Guess the Mystery Scab!Vulture buddy Nikki Finke is reporting that a “high profile TV writer-producer” who is “also a member of another guild” has been accused of “doing rewrites on his currently airing TV series as well as two projects in pre-production, one of which is still on schedule to begin shooting very soon.”
  4. apropos of nothing
    Is NBC Trying to Turn ‘Heroes’ Fans Into Scabs?We had high hopes for the Create Your Own Hero tool on NBC’s official Heroes Website. Too bad it stinks.
  5. apropos of nothing
    Is Ellen DeGeneres a Scab?Yes.