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  1. Your Daughter Appears to Be Our Daughter’s Kindergänger, So Now We Have […] Hello, and come in, please! We’re so glad you accepted our invitation to lunch. Can I get you some water or iced tea? We might have a beer or […]
  2. A Letter to the Editor Regarding School Attendance of Students Whose […] I’m writing this letter today to object to the proposed legislation, the so-called Fairness in Education for the Parasitically Infected Act, […]
  3. A Syllabus From a Really Cool Professor, by Zack Stovall What follows is a syllabus that was discovered following an extensive legal background examination, unearthed from the pages of a textbook […]
  4. Emerson College Will Offer a BFA in Comedic Arts Next YearAre you a young, bright high school graduate interested in accumulating thousands of dollars in student loan debt all in the name of comedy? If […]
  5. Ditch Digger University, by Dan RozierListen up! Are you tired of parents, relatives, and friends telling you to apply yourself? Do you want an education that works for you? How’s […]
  6. The Marshmallow Diaries, by Howard MittelmarkDay one: Brought to the Stanford campus with other four-year-olds for “tests” starting tomorrow. All very mysterious. Something about […]
  7. A Note From the Principal About the Myths of Santa Claus and Democracy, by […]Dear Teachers and Staff, It’s that time of year when students begin asking questions about Santa Claus. Some are believers, some are doubters, […]
  8. Watch a Supercut of the First Day of School As Seen on TVSaved by the Bell, anyone?
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    Read a Tumblr Devoted to Ridiculous High School Paper Excerpts“Frederick Douglass coped with his anguish by hopping.”