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Science Fiction

  1. vulture recommends
    Now’s the Time to Make The Expanse Your New Epic ObsessionAmazon has gone all in on the former Syfy series, and with two new seasons of outer-space intrigue on the horizon, maybe you will too.
  2. Watch a User Experience Expert React to Sci-fi Operating SystemsHow long until we can buy those Minority Report gloves?
  3. tca press tour
    Star Trek: Discovery Writers to Reboot The Man Who Fell to EarthIt was a David Bowie movie, now it’ll be a CBS All Access TV show.
  4. tv review
    Another Life Is a Clumsy Muddle of Superior Science-Fiction StoriesThe new Netflix series can’t seem to make up its mind whether to be smart and challenging or trashy and shallow.
  5. adaptations
    A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Series Is Headed to HuluFormer Lost showrunner Carlton Cuse is involved.
  6. best of 2018
    The 10 Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books of 2018Sentient plants, a telepathic key, obsessive-compulsive zombies and other avatars of our broken world.
  7. How Close Are We To Real-Life Westworld Robots?And how should we treat them when we get them?
  8. Do Androids Dream of Colossal Women?On Blade Runner 2049, and why we keep imagining a future where our cities play host to gigantic, nude, nameless women.
  9. surprise releases
    Brand New’s Fifth Studio Album, Science Fiction, Is Out Right Now (Yes, Now!)It’s the band’s first studio album since 2009.
  10. science fiction
    Tom DeLonge Is Directing a Sci-Fi Movie About a ‘Tribe of Broken Youth’It’s based on his YA franchise about skateboarding teens who investigate the paranormal.
  11. the end is nigh
    Neil Gaiman Adapting His Novel Good Omens for TVA posthumously found letter from Terry Pratchett urged Gaiman to go on with the project.
  12. sci-fi drama
    Neill Blomkamp: Alien Out, Prometheus InAll is fair in love and aliens.
  13. books
    How This Year’s Hugo Awards Got HijackedScience fiction has its Gamergate moment, led by a bunch of mostly white, mostly male writers calling themselves the “Sad Puppies.”
  14. Comics Stars Lemire and Nguyen Talk DescenderPlus, Lemire gabs about his new run on Marvel’s Hawkeye!
  15. ken cosgrove
    Damon Lindelof Now Writing Mad Men Fan FictionThose Ken Cosgrove robot stories don’t write themselves.
  16. clickables
    Read a Beautiful Mapped History of Science FictionFrom Gilgamesh to steam punk.