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  1. behind the scenes
    When a Theater Reviewer Becomes the One Being ReviewedI was this magazine’s theater critic. Now I’ve co-written Broadway’s Beetlejuice: The Musical. Those jobs have one big thing in common.
  2. stage dive
    Apocalypse? D’oh! Scott Brown Reviews Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric PlayExxxxcellent?
  3. stage dive
    Theater Review: Pop Goes the Buddha in Monkey: Journey to the WestThere are about 1,000 reasons to see director Chen Shi-Zheng’s gaudy, goofy flagship popera opening this year’s Lincoln Center Festival.
  4. stage dive
    Theater Review: Far From Heaven, and From Excellence“The repression just doesn’t press.”
  5. stage dive
    Theater Review: Rodgers & Hammerstein’s CinderellaThe 1957 made-for-TV musical arrives on Broadway.
  6. stage dive
    Theater Reviews: The Revisionist and Much MorePlus The Madrid, Passion, The Dance and the Railroad, Katie Roche, and Much Ado About Nothing.
  7. stage dive
    Theater Reviews: Life and Times and BethanyPlus the Crayola nonsense of The Jammer.
  8. stage dive
    Theater Review: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof“Never in the long history of towels and crotches has there been such a knot.”
  9. stage dive
    Theater Review: Water by the SpoonfulRangy, riff-y, unapologetically self-helpful.
  10. stage dive
    Theater Review: The Roundabout’s Picnic“A small town where everybody’s from somewhere else.”
  11. stage dive
    Theater Review: Laurie Metcalf Astonishes in The Other PlaceShe’s never been better.
  12. stage dive
    The Stage Dive Weekend Preview (Freezing-Weather Edition)The season of the independents.
  13. stage dive
    Theater Reviews: Working and What Rhymes With AmericaPlus What Rhymes With America.
  14. stage dive
    Theater Reviews: Hearts Like Fists and PS Jones“Cheeky, dorky, delectable comic-book theater is alive and well.”
  15. stage dive
    Theater Review: Clifford Odets’s Golden BoyGreat musical palookaspeak.
  16. year in culture 2012
    Vulture’s TV, Movie, and Theater Critics Choose Their Best Performances of 2012One of them is a terrorist.
  17. year in culture 2012
    Scott Brown’s Top 10 Theater Picks of 2012Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Death of a Salesman, and more.
  18. stage dive
    Theater Review: Dead Accounts“What Rebeck has learned from her time in Hollywood, it seems to me, is that audiences are stupid.”
  19. scott brown
    Theater Review: The PerformersA play about porn that never gets off.
  20. stage dive
    Theater Review: The Mystery of Edwin DroodA pretty thin show — within a pretty good show.
  21. stage dive
    Theater Review: AnnieGreat Recession, great Annie.
  22. stage dive
    Theater Review: Communing With a 600-Pound Man in The WhaleShuler Hensley, big star.
  23. stage dive
    Stage Dive: Who Has the Right to Kick Islam (or Any Religion) Around?On two Off Broadway plays that deal with Islamofascism and Islamophobia.
  24. stage dive
    Theater Review: Blood PlayAn inverted Virginia Woolf, a night besotted with darkness and drink where virtually nothing honest is spoken aloud — until the final, fatal malediction.
  25. stage dive
    Theater Review: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?It can’t shock the way it once did, but it sure does land its punches.
  26. stage dive
    Theater Reviews: The Stage Dive Weekend RoundupHarper Regan and The Old Man and the Old Moon.
  27. stage dive
    Theater Review: Cyrano de Bergerac“When, I ask, will we get a youth-driven big-ticket revival?”
  28. stage dive
    The Stage Dive Weekend RoundupAn Enemy of the People and Through the Yellow Hour.
  29. stage dive
    Theater Review: An All-Consuming HabitAn eight-hour play that swallows its actors alive.
  30. stage dive
    Theater Reviews: The Stage Dive Weekend RoundupDetroit, Sounding Beckett, and If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet.
  31. stage dive
    Theater Review: Athol Fugard’s The Train Driver“The strength of parable and a brief length to match.”
  32. stage dive
    Theater Review: Chaplin: The Musical“Earnest, on-the-nose, and exhaustively idiot-proofed.”
  33. stage dive
    Theater Review: Sam Shepard’s Heartless“If you thought the RNC was an endless parade of sociopaths, mountebanks, and paranoiac mutterers, wait until you get a load of this.”
  34. stage dive
    Theater Review: Woody Harrelson’s Bullet for Adolf“A long, wet, occasionally musical fart unsphinctered in a crowded theater.”
  35. stage dive
    Theater Review: The Unexpected Charms of Bring It On: The MusicalReally, really unexpected charms.
  36. stage dive
    Stage Dive: Cate Blanchett in Uncle Vanya“Blanchett is a genuinely gifted physical comedienne.”
  37. stage dive
    Theater Review: Musical Dogfight Shows Some TeethThis new chamber musical is a production to remember and celebrate, as well as the announcement of several major talents.
  38. stage dive
    The Stage Dive Weekend RoundupFela! returns, along with Caryl Churchill’s Serious Money. Plus Spiegelworld!
  39. stage dive
    Theater Reviews: Alan Cumming Talks to Himself; Tom Murphy Speaks to UsWe watch this Macbeth with deep interest, with great admiration, but not with much concern.
  40. stage dive
    The Stage Dive B-movie Theater Edition: Recall and SovereignOur theater critic reviews two shows with genre elements.
  41. stage dive
    Theater Reviews: The Stage Dive Weekend RoundupUse your off days for some high art, why don’t ya?
  42. stage dive
    Review: Shakespeare in the Park’s As You Like ItThere’s nothing here but pleasure and pleasantry, making it a fine but minor dish.
  43. stage dive
    Theater Reviews: Today’s Stage Dive Last-Chance RoundupReviews of Rapture, Blister, Burn and Storefront Church.
  44. stage dive
    Theater Reviews: The Stage Dive Weekend RoundupPaul Weitz’s Lonely I’m Not and Sophie Gets the Horns.
  45. stage dive
    Theater Review: The Stage Dive Weekend RoundupShaw’s Saint Joan, Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and David Rabe’s An Early History of Fire.
  46. stage dive
    Scott Brown: Who Got Snubbed at the Tony Nominations?Unfairly passed over, according to our theater critic: Nicky Silver, Finn Wittrock.
  47. magic-bird
    Theater Review: Magic/Bird Has No Inside GamePlay’s the thing.
  48. stage dive
    Theater Review: The Paradox of End of the RainbowNot getting happy.
  49. theater review
    Theater Review: The Best Man Is NecessaryA play that’s fit to govern our attention for three-plus hours.
  50. theater review
    Theater Review Weekend Roundup: The Fifties, Real and ImaginedRegrets and Pipe Dream.
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