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  1. trailer mix
    The Black Phone Trailer Is a Stranger-Danger PSAEthan Hawke stars as a kidnapper masquerading as a magician.
  2. marvel cinematic universe
    Scott Derrickson Has Left Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of MadnessOn Twitter, Derrickson cited “creative differences.”
  3. superheroes
    A Doctor Strange Sequel Is Coming and Scott Derrickson Has Signed on to DirectThe first movie debuted in 2016.
  4. sexual assault
    Hollywood Reacts to Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual-Harassment Allegations“I give zero fucks about any repercussions for condemning him.”
  5. chat room
    Director Scott Derrickson on Doctor Strange“You hear studio people saying all the time that characters have to be likable, but they don’t — they just have to be interesting.”
  6. comic con 2016
    Doctor Strange Director Talks Whitewashing“It’s a serious subject.”
  7. whitewashing
    Doctor Strange Director Responds to Whitewashing“I am listening and learning.”
  8. movies
    Scott Derrickson to Pen Outer Limits FilmBased on the cult sci-fi series.
  9. movies
    Scott Derrickson to Direct Marvel’s Doctor StrangeSorry Ant-Man, you’re old news.
  10. stephen king
    Sinister Director Adapting Stephen King’s The Breathing MethodIt’s from the same book that birthed The Shawshank Redemption and Stand by Me.
  11. casting
    Ethan Hawke Cast in Horror ThrillerProduced by the ‘Paranormal Activity’ guy.