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Scott Foley

  1. what's in a name
    Did You Know His Name Is Whiskey Cavalier?A fun fact about ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier.
  2. tv review
    Whiskey Cavalier Is Sweet, Silly, and FamiliarThis ABC dramedy aims at goofy fun and actually hit its target.
  3. 2018 atx festival
    Scott Foley Has No Idea What Happened at the End of Felicity “Hold on, I died?!”
  4. upfronts 2018
    Watch the Trailers for ABC’s New Shows With Nathan Fillion, Scott Foley and MoreFrom The Rookie to The Kids Are Alright.
  5. vulture lists
    A Guide to All of Insecure’s Season-Two CameosHello, Sterling K. Brown!
  6. The Story Behind Insecure’s Prime-time Soap-Parody Due NorthThe show-within-a-show stars Regina Hall and Scott Foley.
  7. casting couch
    Scandal Recasts Jake’s Wife, in One of Its Less-Outlandish TwistsJoelle Carter has fled to Chicago Justice.
  8. casting couch
    Jerrika Hinton to Star in Shondaland Pilot ToastHere’s to Toast! Ha.
  9. speeeech!
    Shonda Rhimes Thanks Scott Foley’s Abs in Her WGA SpeechGod bless them, every one.
  10. party chat
    Chris Farley Was Scott Foley’s Camp CounselorRed Arrow Camp!
  11. chat room
    Scandal’s Scott Foley Ships Olivia and Jake“No one remembers that the whole show started off with Fitz cheating on his wife again.”
  12. party chat
    Scott Foley Explains Felicity’s Noel to a Fangirl: ‘He’s Fake’“Noel’s … fake.”
  13. There Was No Winner To ‘The Goodwin Games,’ But It Was Fun to PlayIt’s very rare to see the actual lifespan of a television series equal the length of time its story naturally dictated it should last. Shows […]
  14. promotions
    Scott Foley Will Be a Series Regular on ScandalGood!
  15. ‘The Goodwin Games’ Might Benefit From the Time LimitThe Goodwin Games premieres tonight at 8:30 p.m. eastern on Fox. Check your local cable box for confirmation. Or you can just watch the episode […]
  16. Watch the First Episode of Fox’s New Comedy ‘The Goodwin Games’ Hulu just added the pilot episode to Fox’s new sitcom The Goodwin Games, which is set to premiere on May 20th. From the How I Met Your Mother […]
  17. casting couch
    Scott Foley Heading to ScandalWe bet he has a secret. Everyone on Scandal has a secret.
  18. Fox Won’t Air ‘The Goodwin Games’ Until Late Spring of Maybe Even SummerThe Fox network still has one new sitcom that hasn’t debuted this season, The Goodwin Games, and according to Fox chairman Kevin Reilly, it […]
  19. Mindy Kaling and How I Met Your Mother Team Coming to FoxWhat’s the point of upfronts if all the networks are just going to announce everything the week before, all willy nilly (oddly, All Willy Nilly […]
  20. true blood
    See Twenty Photos From the New Season of True BloodYup, still vampires!
  21. tv
    Scott Foley Is Teaming Up With the HIMYM DudesEveryone from Felicity is getting a pilot this year!
  22. casting couch
    Scott Foley Cast on True BloodBut he’ll still be on ‘Grey’s’ next season, too.