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  1. movie review
    The New Scream Is No ScreamSequel, remake, reboot, requel, legacyquel … Who cares? Why can’t these movies be scary anymore?
  2. reboots
    Eek! Neve Campbell Is Officially Returning for Scream RelaunchCourteney Cox and David Arquette are also reprising their roles.
  3. horror
    Scream to Be Resurrected by the Ready or Not DirectorsDo you like scary movies?
  4. reboots
    Would Scream 5 Be a Good Idea?Without Wes Craven or Kevin Williamson, what even is a Scream movie?
  5. horror
    Scream Season 3: Mary J. Blige vs. Ghostface Heads to VH1Unless Mary J. Blige is herself Ghostface? This new season can’t come fast enough.
  6. 100 scares
    The Story Behind Scream’s 12-Minute, Still-Terrifying Opening Scare“I wanted it to be just long enough that the audience thinks she might survive it.”
  7. 100 scares
    The 30 Most Influential Slasher Movies of All TimeA guide to the horror subgenre with game-changing, rule-breaking, and absolutely terrifying films.
  8. What’s New on Showtime: January 2018The Chi is one of the year’s most promising new shows.
  9. Horror Has Never Been So Highbrow▶️ “You sick f***s have seen one too many movies.”
  10. kill your darlings
    The Mark of True Movie Stardom? Getting Killed Off EarlyIt takes a delicate balance to kill off your biggest star early in a movie.
  11. sneak peek
    Watch the First 8 Bloody Minutes of MTV’s ScreamThis looks familiar.
  12. behind the scenes
    Here’s How MTV Pulled Off That Killer Promo for Scream“It was one big bloodbath of actors.”
  13. What Horror and Comedy Have in CommonA funny thing about Americans: every year, crowds flock to the theatre and spend millions of dollars for the chance to see pretty people die on […]
  14. pilots
    MTV Wants Scream, Artificial-Insemination ShowsAnd more Snooki and JWoww.
  15. videology
    ‘Scream’ Video: Usher Dances With a Giant Water BalloonAt Fuerza Bruta.
  16. in development
    MTV Developing Scream TV ShowEven though no one cared about Scream 4.
  17. scream 4
    Well, At Least Scream 4 Looks Campy!This movie might be campy in a great way.
  18. scream
    Scream 4 Suddenly a MessFranchise creator Kevin Williamson is no longer involved.
  19. music
    Watch Ozzy Osbourne Terrify His Fans at Madame Tussauds Wax MuseumOne and a half minutes of ladies screaming.
  20. reboots
    Scream Trilogy to Be Rebooted As, You Guessed It, Scream TrilogyFrankly, we’re just thankful they’re not rebooting ‘Dawson’s Creek.’