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  1. roll clip!
    Meryl Streep’s Big Little Lies Scream Is the Song of SummerOh, sorry, is her grief too loud for you?
  2. screaming
    James Drops Off $1.3 Million to Wall Winners[Festive Christmas screams.]
  3. screaming
    John Green Picks His Favorite Scenes From the Fault in Our Stars MovieAnd more from his BookCon panel.
  4. screaming
    Kanye on SNL: Scowls, Screaming, The WaterboyThis was aggressive.
  5. screaming
    Kanye’s Second London Show Got Weird, TooHe started screaming.
  6. Watch This Painter Make Art by ScreamingGiving new meaning to “loud art.”
  7. clickables
    Check Out the Latest in Moose-Scaring TechniquesYou’ll need a bar or stick of some kind.
  8. copycats
    Snoop Dogg Wants to Do Like James Franco, Appear on a Soap OperaThe British ‘Coronation Street.’